02.4 radiographers, 100 dentistry students


4 Furmaniak and Ko?odziejska (2016) this research was based on to assess radiation awareness among dentist, radiographers, dentistary students and radiography students. A questionnaire including 13 multiple-choice questions was given to the 200 dentists, 200 radiographers, 100 dentistry students and 100 radiography students. questionnaire was asked about basic knowledge concerning dental radiological examinations.According to the results 301 quesioneres were obtained and mean score of correct answers were 8.13 out of 13 responds.this survey shows that radiation awareness among dentists, radiographers and students is inadequate.

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even some groups having traning their knowledge on radiation protection was low.02.5 Mynalli & Biradar (2017) research was evaluated of awareness on Radiation Protection and Hazards among Paramedical Personnel Working in Radiology Department of a Teaching Hospital. Paramedical personnel are the ones health-care workers who provide clinical services to patients under the supervision of a physician. Its sampling technique was conducted by questioner with 17 questions included their knowledge towards X-ray safety and practice of safety techniques among 100 paramedical personnel. According to the results, knowledge on radiation was high in those working in Radiology department than those who visit with the patient for imaging.02.

6 Masoumi & Hasanzadeh (2018) this research was done for the Survey on the Radiation Protection Status among Radiology Staff. 32-item questionnaire was created to assess the level of radiation protection knowledge, practice, and attitudes towards the basic principles of radiation protection.this survaey showed that the level of radiation protection level is inadequate.