1. Horse, therefore making him a hero.

1. The Odyssey was a 20-year journey of suffrage for Odysseus. These 20 years were already predestined at birth by Zeus, the king of gods, since Odysseus is demi-god. During the first 10 years of Odysseus being away from home, he fought in the Trojan War and ended it by using his plan, The Trojan Horse, therefore making him a hero. The epic started when Odysseus and his soldiers blinded the one-eyed monster, Polyphemus, for not having good hospitality and therefore was prevented from reaching home by Polyphemus’s father, Poseidon, for 10 more years.

On the way home to Ithaca, Odysseus was trapped in a cave for 7 years by Calypso because she wanted him to be her husband. She then received an order from the gods to let him return home. Odysseus also went the underworld. These struggles Odysseus endured are all consisted of being epic.

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