1 political positions, such as presidency and other

1Levin ThorntonDr. Williams YamkamAmerican National Government3 May 2018Democrats vs. Republicans The United States of America is known to have two major political parties, the Democratic and Republican. These parties face each other for political positions, such as presidency and other elected positions. There are also different parties that are not as main stream called third parties. Third parties include parties such as Socialist Equality Party and Peace and Equality Party.

Citizens of America are open to join any party they would like although most join either the Democratic or Republican party. Democratic and Republican parties are based on principles and views being completely opposites of each other. The Democratic Party supports a bigger powerful government and believes the government should guide the people. They are known as Liberals because they like change. The Republican Party supports a smaller less powerful government and believes the people should guide the government. They are known as Conservatives because they are in favor of the core laws of this country. Some people do not consider themselves Democratic or Republican. Not all members agree with the majority vote of their party.

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The views and principles that are discussed mainly occur in international, social, economic, and domestic issues (Fried). 2 The Democrats believe that an action should be enforced to eliminate the influence of lobbyists and special interests in the political parties. The Republicans counter it by adding a new constitutional amendment while republicans support the saying that it is supported by our right to free speech. Republicans are trying to change this policy because they both want to help cleanse the political system of corruption. But even though the two parties both disagree on both things they each have a different process they go through to get it done (Fried). Social Issues that are highly debated in politics include topics like gay rights, abortion, social services, and foreign policy. The topic abortion is a touchy subject.

The Democrats believe that abortion is a woman’s right and they should have the choice to do so. Republicans strongly disagree and think that it should be illegal even if the child is a product of a rape victim or incest. Republicans disagree because citizens have different thoughts and morals they follow. To certain people it is just as bad as murder and they can’t afford a bad political platform to lose votes even if it makes certain people happy.

Gay marriage is another important issue. The Democrats support gay rights because they believe that everyone should have equal rights. Republicans totally oppose allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally. Views on gay marriage also vary by age, education, and religious affiliation. Welfare is another topic that is largely discussed among citizens and politics. Democratic and Republicans view welfare as a social program which allocate tax dollars to support. Democrats support more tax dollars going to social welfare programs like food stamps, unemployment benefits, and other programs designed to support designed to support people in need.

Republicans view welfare as a need but favors tighter control and less funding of them. Foreign Policy is another widespread disagreement about foreign policy in both parties. Although, when military involvement is getting called for Democrats 3favor targeted strikes and Republicans favor displaying enemy regimes. Both parties agree that U.S.

aid is something needed in other parts of the country, but they disagree on who should receive the aid and how it should be allocated (Fingerhut) (Republicanviews). Another important issue in the world of politics are environmentalism and energy issues. When environmental and energy issues clash, as they often do, Democrats often vote in the favor of environmental issues and Republicans vote in favor of energy concerns. Democrats are often against spreading of oil-drilling companies and Republicans totally support the spreading of the oil-drilling companies to produce more revenue.

In conclusion, both political parties have a lot of different opinions. It is the voter’s decision on which party they feel has similar beliefs as them. Democrats and Republican have very strong beliefs and only a few follows the ways in which the original parties intended. The difference between a liberal and a conservative can no longer be defined within the constraints of the Constitution of the United States. 4Works CitedFingerhut, Hannah. “Support Steady for Same-Sex Marriage and Acceptance of Homosexuality.” Pew Research Center, Pew Research Center, 12 May 2016, www.

pewresearch.org/fact- tank/2016/05/12/support-steady-for-same-sex-marriage-and-acceptance-of- homosexuality/Fried, Joseph. Democrats and Republicans-Rhetoric and Reality: Comparing the Voters in Statistics and Anecdotes. New York: Algora Pub, 2008.

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