4.3 the total of 460 respondents via online

4.3 Respondents RateFor conducting this research regarding the customer-based brand equity towards TSMEs’ accommodation services, the location of the research was chosen in Melaka and the target respondents are local customers or foreigner tourist who arrived in Melaka and have the experience of staying in Tourism Small and Medium-Sized Accommodation Services such as hotels, homestay or resorts in Melaka. The researcher used approximately 6 weeks to distribute and collect the questionnaire, start from first of March and collect completely until the second week of April. Probability sampling was chosen to conduct this research, and the questionnaires were distributed to the total of 460 respondents via online and also face-to-face method, 402 respondents were answered completely and only 384 respondents were usable as sample size who valid to answer the questionnaires who have the experiences of stayed in the hotels, resort or homestay which belonged to the small and medium-sized enterprises for the tourism industry in Melaka. Therefore, the actual sample size was 460 respondents and the respondents’ rate was83.

49%. • Calculation for actual sample size.4.4 Descriptive Analysis and Respondents ProfileDescriptive analysis was used to analyze the basic features research data through questionnaires distributed. The data collected from 384 respondents regarding the conceptualizing and managing the customer-based brand equity and customer satisfaction towards tourism SMEs’ accommodation services in Melaka. The result of data collected was used to analyst and identified the demographic variables to meet the objectives of characteristics profiles of the customers of Tourism SME. The respondents’ profile is essential in conducting research because the respondents are the major contributor to the value of research. The demographic profile was put in Section A in the questionnaires, the gender, age, occupation, marital status, travel style and also the reason for travel and the reason of choosing Tourism SMEs’ accommodation services in Melaka are deeply focused in the research.

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4.4.1 GenderTable 4.9: Gender of Respondents Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative PercentValid Male 155 40.4 40.

4 40.4 Female 229 59.6 59.6 100.0 Total 384 100.0 100.0 Figure 4.

1: Gender of Respondents.Table 4.9 and Figure 4.1 showed that the gender of respondents which are consist of 229 respondents (59.

6%) was female from the total of 384 respondents who answer the questionnaires, and 155 respondents (40.4%) was male. Based on the result above, it showed that female respondents were more than male respondents who stayed in the Tourism SME’s accommodation services in Melaka. Similar to previous study of Seo & Park (2018), which focused on Koreans who had experience of using airlines at Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport, Korea, showed the slightly similar result with 56.3% of female respondents and the rest were male respondents from the total of 352 respondents.

Therefore, the female respondents were than male respondents.