5.7.1. documented in the patient’s medical


7.1. Healthcare practitioners shall obtain informed consent before they provide patients with treatment or care.5.7.2. Healthcare practitioners must provide care in life threatening / emergency situations where treatment is necessary to preserve life without patient consent if they are unable to give it, provided the professional has the ability to demonstrate they are acting in the patient’s best interest. 5.

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7.3. Healthcare practitioners shall ensure patients participate in decisions about their care and treatment, including the right to refuse treatment (to the extent permitted by regulations). The patient’s consent or refusal must be documented in the patient’s medical record. 5.7.4.

Healthcare practitioners to ensure that all patients receive precise and honest information about their condition and therefore make informed decisions about their own health care. 5.7.5.

When obtaining informed consent, healthcare practitioners shall ensure followings:

Given by a competent patient / legal guardian / appropriate source5.7.5.

2. Given voluntarily,5.7.

5.3. Patient is informed about risk, benefits, alternative, likelihood of success, possible complication and treatment plan in a language which patient is able to comprehend and5.

7.5.4. Shall document all discussions regarding consent in the patient/client care record.