A frameworks to support practice such as GROW

A further example could be to explore the coachee’s values and beliefs to support them to develop the WILL element of the GROW model.It is essential that coaching uses frameworks to support practice such as GROW as without this the person will not be clear on what they want to achieve and the coach is just asking questions with no direction or purpose. Another essential element of coaching is listening. As explored earlier on in the assignment active listening is not enough.

Yes this is more than just hearing but does not demonstrate that you have been paying 100% attention, where as in deep listening you use the coaches own words to paraphrase what they have said to ask a further question. This shows that you are fully present.Is supervision required? It may be seen as a non-essential part of coaching, more time out of the day job or coaching work, or if you have lots of experience seen as a waste of time. However coaching supervision is extremally important when practicing as a coach as this is an in-valuable opportunity to be coached to self-reflect and find ways to move forward with more challenging situations. Supervision all supports the reputation of coaching as a practice.

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With all the bureaucracy these days and gaining written permissions all the time, do we need to gain agreements and complete contracting with coaches? Informal approaches to this may seem a friendlier way and help remove barriers, allowing more time for coaching. However contracting forms part of the Global Code Of Ethics For Coaches ; Mentors (European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the Association for Coaching)’2.3 Before starting to work with a client, members will explain and strive to ensure that a client knows, and fully understands, the nature and terms and conditions, of any coaching or mentoring contract, including financial, logistical and confidentiality arrangements.’Formal contracting helps to build in key legal information such as data protection and confidentiality. It also ensures that boundaries are clear, which helps protect you as a coach.

For coaching to be integrated fully within the workplace, it is vital that buy-in of the coaching approach is achieved. What I mean buy this is an organisation and individuals that want to be coached – a coaching culture v’s forced to do it. People need to embrace coaching as a successful practice but also understand that this is not going to solve problems all in one go. Coaching is a gradual process of change but with outcomes creating fantastic results. You might also briefly mention integration of coaching into the organizations policies, processes and strategies.