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A position paper essay is a type of an assignment, which presupposes a text the content of which has to be highly informative. It has to be writing in which the author expresses his opinion concerning the arguable question. Writing argumentative essay presupposes serious approach. Here you have to prove that your position is to write and deserves to be right. You have to express your opinion in clear, distinct and persuasive way. The current type of writing aims to convince the target audience that you deserve to be heard. Your argumentative essay is a reaction to a certain issue, and at the same time proves that a thought you have expressed about this issue is credible. Moreover, it is obligatory to prove the audience that you are knowledgeable in the particular field.

To start your essay, you need to state the problem. Start with a clear formulation of the topic and explain the main points of the issue. Then, it would be logical to present the other thoughts concerning the question. Explain why other support or deny something and the reasons why they stock to a certain position. It will give the clear picture to the reader and let him understand the very nature of the statement. That comes the moment when you have to present your position that has the right to exist. It would be the first paragraph of your essay.

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In this part, you have to formulate the clear central idea that will be traced through the whole text. Your thesis has to be distinct and sense loaded. The target reader has to receive a clear idea. It will help to understand better the information that he is going to be provided with in the following parts of the writing.As soon as you have finished the first intro paragraph, it is time to move further. In the next paragraph, the author faces the need to provide strong argumentation that can help you to explain your thoughts to the target audience.

You have to develop the argument. You have to convince that the facts enforce your position. You should provide the supportive statements. This type of the essay can addresses various topics: from socio-political, governmental, and ecological to personal. The main thing is that there are at least two substantiated points of view on this topic.

Your task is to choose one and support it, providing strong arguments. The useful tip is to create the list of for and contra arguments concerning the certain issue. Provide a critical evaluation of the issue that you have presented in the intro part.