Abstract neglect and domestic violence. It

AbstractAlcoholism is now a day’s linked to a range of negative effects in financial from poor drinking behavior to emerging child neglect and domestic violence.

It is a terrible disease which affects not only the mental and physical health but also it affects everybody who surrounds you. Human beings who are suffering from this diseases are usually not successful in anything they are trying to do . In financial term the cost of alcohol increases as the alcoholic person builds tolerance to the drug in his or her system.

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Alcoholic will just keep on spending money until they reach that point where they will have neither money, neither a life around them. Spouses and children of people suffering from alcoholism are trying to help , but anis enabling, a term that describes the family’s protective intentions: they are shielding the addicted person from the consequences of their behaviour by denying the drinking problem and helping cover the problems caused by his/her alcoholism. But this cannot stop the alcohol drinking patterns. By trying to keep the family together they are contributing to the cycle of addiction, instead of addressing it as a family problem and looking to break the cycle. Their efforts are well-intentioned but misguided.