Abstract- Knuckle joint is used to connect two

Abstract- Knuckle joint is used to connect two rods whose axes either intersect or coincide and lie in one plane. As the rods are subjects to tensile force, yield strength is the criterion for the selection of material for the rods. The pin is subjected to shear stress and bending stress. Therefore, strength is criterion for material selection for the pin. Usually the Pin is Designed Using Cast Iron or Mild steel. The Knuckle Pin can be replaced by using set of composite material, as the strength and weight criteria for composite is better than the steel.

The Knuckle joint is designed using both the materials. The Simulation is prepared in Computer aided software on which the FEA test is carried out. The FEA results are validated experimentally using tension and shear test. The FEA and experimental test are carried out for both the materials and results are compared.Keywords: Knuckle Joint, FEA analysis, Metal Matrix, Optimization, Strength Criteria.

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