Abstract This paper explores research

Abstract This paper explores research in which I have gathered using online resources about careers in Electronics Engineering/Mechatronics. This research will also explain general background about Electronics Engineering/Mechatronics such as salary, skills, certifications etc. Keywords: Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics, Certifications, Salary Pursuing A Career in the Field of Electronics Engineering/Mechatronics The field of Electronics Engineering/Mechatronics is an interesting yet technical field of study. This paper will explain what it takes to succeed in Electronics Engineering/Mechatronics primarily as a Robotic Engineer.

I will also give some insight on backgrounds and resources pertaining to a career in Robotic Engineering. Lastly, I will discuss my goals upon receiving my degree. Electronics Engineering/Mechatronics Im currently enrolled in ECPI University and my major is Electronics Engineering technologies with a concentration in Mechatronics. Upon receiving my degree there are a few jobs that I would like to apply for to further my experience in my field of study. Controls and Automation Engineer, Mechatronic Systems Engineer, Robotics Engineer, and Engineering Tech, and Advanced Development Engineer are just a few jobs I would like to venture into after graduation.

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However, one in Particular that I really want to pursue is Robotics Engineering. Robotic Engineering Robotics Engineers are specialized mechanical engineers who are responsible for designing and maintaining robots and their electronic systems. In the field of robotics Engineering seems to require a rather large skill set, most notably, “facility with Matlab, Algorithm Development, and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) which are correlated to pay that is significantly above average”.(PAYSCALE.COM 2018) Overall cash earnings for Robotics Engineers stretch from 50k on the lower end to 125k near the top”(PAYSCALE 2018).” Those with a strong degree of creativity and aptitude for advancing technology are ideal for the job.

Those in these positions must have a vast understanding of design, manufacturing and automated systems, strong attention to detail, analytical and critical thinking skills, and expert communication skills”(PAYSCALE.COM2018). A certifications that a Robotics Engineer may want to have Certified Manufacturing Associate (CMA), Certified Robotics Technician (CRT).GOALS. Ultimately my goal is to graduate from ECPI University and use the tools to further my experience in Robotics Engineering. I definitely have the support from my family in which I think plays a crucial role in my journey towards my goals. Therfor, my succession is no only for me but for my family in which I owe this to.

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