According to british social commentary

According to british social commentary writer ( paul spicker ), public policieh seek to protect the right of general people and helps the, to live the in best liven.

That’s why polieies ore tallen by the government for the welfare and development of the people, hociety anel country.There are always have some hidden factors who are inflwncing in every policy for mulation and implementation.According to subedhi (2005), some factons plays major roles in policy making. and policy makars can not deny it.

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Rochel anel Bella (1998) said that policy factors can be a challenge or blessings but the policy makers can not deny this.So, there are some of those factores always to determing the effectiveness or failure of a particular poliey (Lakhamvartie, 2008). Data Analysis : After the literature review we have got some potential factors those are influencing in policy making. Such as : –