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Admission to The Family Nurse Practitioner Program Growing up in a third world country where the health care system is poor has been one of the reasons why I have always been interested in the health care field. Witnessing people suffer and die from illnesses that could have been easily prevented or treated was one of the main reasons why I became a nurse. Although living in a developing country is not easy, the two most crucial values I acquired while growing up are compassion and appreciation; thus, possessing these qualities have helped me a lot in becoming the nurse I have always aspired to be. My journey to becoming a Registered nurse and now practicing as one has not been easy, but it has enabled me to grow both individually and professionally. Being a nurse has not only made me overcome challenges, but it has also allowed me to give back to the community by providing the best patient care. Continuing my education in family nurse practitioner at the university of Alabama would be my greatest challenge and largest accomplishment. Getting a degree in one of the best graduate schools in the nation would be a dream come true because I know I would receive an education of admirable quality and excellent opportunities for hands on experiences.

The University of Alabama apart from being one of the highly-ranked schools in the country also has exceptional faculty, staff, and students that could serve as my mentors in becoming a compassionate and excellent healthcare professional. Working in the Progressive Cardiac Unit as a nurse and previously working at the emergency department for some time as a patient care specialist gave me the opportunity to take care of patients with different health conditions. Most of these patients came in with elevated blood pressures and sugars with no primary care provider. This made me realize that there is still a lot that needs to be done in the healthcare sector because most of those hospital admissions could have been prevented through access to healthcare and education. Becoming a family nurse practitioner will allow me to provide patients with more healthcare resources. It will give me the opportunity to decrease the prevalence of preventative diseases in our society and provide patient with affordable health care costs. Having worked with both adults and children is a plus for my future career because I can relate to people from all ages and I am also able to build trusting relationships with them. My goal is to work in the primary care clinic where I can utilize my nursing skills and advanced practice skills to treat patients, formulate health plans, provide follow-up visits, and help people change their lifestyles to move toward a state of optimal health, both physically and mentally.

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Primary prevention is something that is lacking in developing countries; therefore, I plan on going to some developing countries to provide the people with preventative care at no costs. I also plan to introduce some community health prevention activities to them including but not limited to; family planning and sex education, nutrition counselling, immunizations, education on healthy heart (nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, and adherence to medication) and advocating for access to health care. According to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, approximately 22 million Americans have obtained healthcare coverage through Medicaid and private health insurance (Effects of Regulation and Payment Policies on Nurse Practitioners’ Clinical Practices, 2016).

This value is expected to increase, consequently, leading to a rise in demand and provider shortages. In addition, these scarcities are expected to be greatest in primary care and for Medicaid patients (Effects of Regulation and Payment Policies on Nurse Practitioners’ Clinical Practices, 2016). Nurse practitioners care for patients with Medicaid more frequently than physicians; hence, nurse practitioners have the potential to contribute to alleviating primary care shortage and increase access to health care (Effects of Regulation and Payment Policies on Nurse Practitioners’ Clinical Practices, 2016). A study conducted at a large non-profit organization in Washington showed that out of 1000 employees, about 82% of them see a nurse practitioner for their care.

Almost all the participants said they were contented with their Healthcare visits and communications they had with their nurse practitioners. Most of them added that their nurse practitioners took time to listen to their concerns and helped them obtain healthcare resources (Brown,2007). These are some of the reasons why I am so interested in being a nurse practitioner. I do not just want to treat my patients physically but also mentally and emotionally by using a holistic and person-centered approach to care. I know being a nurse practitioner would be one of the greatest challenges I would have to face but treating patients from different parts of the world and making an impact on their lives is worth everything.