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An eclipse refers to the part of the earth covered by the penumbra outside the moon’s shadow when the moon runs between Earth and the Sun. When the Earth runs into the penumbra of the Moon , part of the Sun seen in this area is The moon obstructs the astronomical phenomenon.

The eclipse is a common astronomical phenomenon. On June 2, 2011, Beijing time, a partial solar eclipse was observed in the Northeast China.causePartial solar eclipse is a phenomenon in which the moon forms a shadow on the earth between the earth and the sun. The shadow of the moon can be divided into three parts : umbra, penumbra and pseudo-umbra . The moon’s orbit around the earth and the earth’s orbit around the sun are not perfectly round.

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Therefore, the distance between the moon and the earth is close. Therefore, in the penumbra, the observer sees that the sun is partly covered by the moon and is called a partial eclipse. In the solar eclipse , the observer sees that the sun is covered by the moon in the umbra range and is called the total solar eclipse; The next ring of light is called the solar eclipse .When the moon runs around the earth until the sun and the earth are almost co-occurring with the sun, the moon is not visible from Earth.

At this time, it is known as the embarrassment. The solar eclipse occurs when the eclipse occurs. The cycle of crickets is approximately 29.53 days.

But not every solar eclipse occurs every 29.53 days. The reason is that the orbital plane of the moon orbiting the earth does not completely coincide with the orbital plane of the earth orbiting the sun. There is an average angle of 5° 9? between the moon . Therefore, the solar eclipse will occur only when the sun is within a certain angle from the intersection of the two orbital planes .Frequent causesIt is the most common solar eclipse phenomenon, because both total solar eclipse or an annular eclipse or eclipse is more complex,In most areas other than the whole (loop) food zone and in the entire Japanese (circle) food zone, most of the time from the beginning of the loss to the time before the resumption of the round , all the eclipses were seen, and more eclipses were observed.

It is only the shadow of the moon shadow or its extension line does not pass through the ground, but the penumbra outside the shadow of the moon passes through the ground, then only a partial eclipse on the ground.