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An essay topic is usually a problem statement, and most of us find facing problems uncomfortable.

The natural thing to do is to avoid facing it, or to pick the most unimportant solutions.One way of approaching a problem is to brainstorm. Brainstorming helps you to find out what you know about a topic and then to link what you already know with new information.Brainstorming is a strategy in which you think about a topic and then write down everything you know about it. Don’t check quality. Just let your thoughts and imagination go and yourself free flow of ideas. Write down every single idea, no matter how unimportant or ‘stupid’ it might sound at first.

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There are no right or wrong ways of brainstorming, the aim is just to write down everything you know as quickly as possible.When you brainstorm you can ask yourself the following question:• Why am I writing this? Ask yourself: Who?, What?, Why?, Where?, When? How? • why not? questions about the topic.• What do I already know? You will be surprised at how much you know already. The secret is to find out how much.• What must I still find out? One way of brainstorming is to make as long a list as you can before you make selections.

Then you can start to put your ideas into categories. Another way is to create a mindmap or spidergram in which you start off identifying categories and then list ideas under each one. Because the ideas are relatively unrelated the lists start to look like a spider=s web.It is a good idea to use different coloured pens or pencils for different sections of your spidergram/mindmap. This helps you to see clearly which aspects need to be added to and which do not.Here is a mind map of what a mind map can work out.