Andi “ghost stories are often proto feminist tales

Andi Zeisler, author of “The Feminist Power of Female Ghost”, was published in September 12, 2013. In feminist power of female ghosts, Andi Zeisler argues that ghostly women in horror movies can teach us about female oppression. According to Zeisler, she views female ghosts as a symbol of freedom. Zeisler also describes how female ghost were controlled by rules of their society. According to Zeisler, she quotes, “ghost stories are often proto feminist tales of women who, if only in death, subvert the assumption and tradition of women a dutiful wife and mother, worshipful girlfriend, or obedient children unleashing a lifetime’ worth of rage and retribution” (Zeisler, 2013). In other words, many women were expected to be something such as having a child, and be the loving wife to their husbands, but generally, what they required were to do as a woman. Movies such as The Conjuring, and female character ghosts, such as La Llorona, Bathsheba faced through types of situations such as having miscarriages, or their husband not wanting them made them terrify other people. Zeisler also states about female ghost that they are “not only are these women are sympathetic characters, but they’re all the more terrifying because they have anger that makes living women sources of fear, but none of the social restriction” (Zeisler, 2013).

For an example, Zeisler uses the Asian female ghost which is a superior figure for women. They were tortured, mistreated wrongfully which cause them to fulfill hate, and terrify other people. Female ghost conveyed a messages in their movies. The female ghost represents freedom for women who have been mistreated and also they were special because of what they have gone through. Work Cited Zeisler, A. (2013).

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The Feminist Power of Female Ghost