AYE, YOU! OFF YOUR PHONE NOW! YOUR PRECIOUS STREAKS CAN WAIT. Ok cool, am I allowed to start now, Thanks. Right now we live in a society where losing your phone is more important than getting bad marks at school, we live in a society where social media is as addictive as a drug, do you think that is ok? I most certainly do not. I think social media should be banned in New Zealand. Ok, Ok, Ok, Hear me out. Social Media sites such as facebook and instagram are “designed to help the world be a better place.

” They are supposedly helping humans connect no matter what time or part of the world. Yes I would suppose that is true. BUT what about all of the times where a child is defined by the number of likes or followers or the times where kids our age get so severely cyberbullied that they are afraid to come to school. Its horrible. Studies have shown that 1 in every 2 teens have been involved in cyberbullying and 94% of teens use social media these numbers show that over 500 000 teens are affected by Cyberbullying in NZ so I ask you, out of the 23 of you that use social media have you been involved in cyberbullying.

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