Background: structured questionnaire. Raw data were entered using

Background: In Ethiopia, prematurity is the second leading causes of death among newborns. Kangaroo mother care is a smart and safe alternative method for survival of stable babies with a low birth weight. However, there is not much known specific studies towards KMC in study area. Therefore, the purpose of this study will be to find out knowledge, practice and its associated factors on kangaroo mother care among caregivers of premature babies. Methods: This facility based cross sectional study was done on sample of 93 caregivers in the KMC centers of the Hawassa health facilities from March 2018 to May 2018. Systematic sampling technique was done to select study participants.

Data were collected using pretested structured questionnaire. Raw data were entered using EpiData version 3.1 then transferred to SPSS version 21 for analysis, and explained with figures and tables. To test the association between independent variables and outcome variables, Pearson chi-square was computed.

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