Bargaining extended to add extra

Bargaining power of SuppliersSIA has two major suppliers of aircraft i.e. Boeing and Airbus which are able to maintain.

Currently SIA has 11 aircraft on order and should be extended to add extra plan to minimize the rental of leased aircraft cost. Fuel cost is gradually 27% of the airline expenditure between 2016-2018 due to the fact of fuel hedging achieve in financial year 2017/2018. These aircraft leased fee and fuel hedging profit is the foremost gain to flip around to extend SIA profit.In addition, SIA aircraft must replace some parts of fuel utilization with the solar energy device to decrease dependence on fossil fuels and air pollution free.SIA engineering company is a Division of SIA for aircraft safety and servicing and productivity, efficiency, pleasant and more value-added services to create a strong stage of Airline Industry’s supplier power since 1992.

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