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CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION(Needs Analysis on the Effects of Social Media towards English Learning of English Major Students in Chiang Rai Rajabhat University)Rationale and Significance of the Study Nowadays, social media is progressing rapidly and there is the social interaction among people in, which created the exchange or share an idea and information in communities as easily as even if it is far away. It is believed that interactivity through social media may be due to the desire to communicate with new people, to exchange and share opinions or ideas, to keep in touch with classmates, old friends and co-worker, and needs to share the information with a widespread community, to interaction with others, to maintain online relationships that lead to community building (Thorne 2010) There are learning and teaching in the social media that the student can learn wherever in the world in real time besides the student can share the information to other users which is beneficial for education. At the same time, the student can use social media for getting the content from native speaker Smith and Moorman (2011), mention that social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube provide unlimited means for who use the internet to interact, share, express and create content about anything.

Especially, social media has positive and negative effects. It is depending on the way of studying that the student use. In this light, the effects of social media towards English learning of English major students have both the positive and negative effects and also influences towards English learning. It is time for researchers to focus on the positive, negative effects and influences on it as well. Social media has turned into a channel that influences the education of the student, which social media becomes a strong source of information to the student. The social media is a crucial role in L2 learning, but in the currently there is lots of misinformation, some student does not recheck the information from other resources, so it is leading to mistake that the students did.

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The researchers have agreed English as a second language learner that the contents in social media (Include Grammar and vocabulary) are the greatest trouble for learners, but it is the basis of second language learning. In this sense, the students learning through social media are likely to useful for effective learning. This research can notify students and people who are interested as well. The research relate to the effects of social media towards students that can guide them about how to use social media for learning effectives and how to get more benefits from it. The social media can lead them to enjoy by sharing activity, ideas with a variety of people, probably the teachers allow them to use social media in the classroom to search for more information from the lesson, especially in the use of YouTube or Facebook that have a tutor which is teaching on it. The quality of social media is increased and helps the students more easily to search information and quick in the communication with each through various social media like Facebook.

The effects and influences of social media are significance for second language learner, especially, for Thai students who studying English through social media they use it as a tool of learning. At the present day, most of Thai students got the effects of it that use typing and reading much more than speaking including the influence such as cutting word and abbreviation while they are chatting, although, it makes everything faster but that will make them lose the change to develop spelling, speaking and listening skills as well. This could be the findings of Thai students’ lack of speaking and listening skills in social communication. (Scornavacca, Huff, ; Marshall, 2009; Sweeny, 2010).

Some research has indicated that a new technology may affect negatively to the academic matter due to the students ignore to use punctuation, particularly in using vowels.CRRU English major students are spending countless hours with social media. Unfortunately, some of them get the least benefits from social media.

The researchers assume that it is probably because they do not pay attention to what they are reading or watching, in other reasons; it is because the post or content is shown on the timeline for a while. At that time, there are some of them focus on fun contents to entertain themselves. They unconscious how much time that they use social media and get nothing instead reviewing what they had learnt in the class, it is leading to CRRU students’ lack of knowledge to use English language to communicate. Sunitha Kuppuswamy and Shankar Narayan (2010 Explain that the use of social media by students wastes a lot of time and redirects it towards non-constructive, such as send the messages and chatting with friends for most of the time of the day, waste of time by searching for peoples’ private life and gossip others until they have forgotten their real job and learning. Teenager particularly students the most of them use social media for time killing and seeking happiness. In addition, the researchers find out that there are some relationships between the effects of social media and English learning that encourage to CRRU English major students to good or not in English.

It is depending on aspects that is what effects they are getting. If they get positive effects, it will contribute them to good in English. On the other hand, if they get negative effects, it will not contribute them to good in English. Howsoever, it has also been found that social media also has a page use for education reasons, and tasks inclusive online instructional exercises, training material downloading and online classes are a positive step. The researchers agreed that social media increasingly affect to CRRU English major students every year. At the moment, the effects of social media can support them to both advantages and disadvantages. Some of them still do not know how long they are using the social media and what they get from it, sometimes students become social media addicts due to preoccupied all day and some case used it in the classroom with creating the annoying behavior for other people.

In other concern, using social media have the negative effect, it is the student ignore in the classroom when the classmate present until the teacher does not know that who is paying attention in the class. ( classroom) In addition, the researchers choose in this research due to see the effects of social media on negatives and positives effect towards English Major Students in Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, to more aware of using social media, whether it be for learning, entertainment, or for communication. In nowadays, we can see in around us that the students use social media is widespread, so it is more influenced to them.

The research questions of this study were designed to outline the positive and negatives effects also the relationships of social media towards English Major Students in Chiang Rai Rajabhat University through means observation of their responses in questionnaire.As such, the research questions were as follow:1. What are the positive and negative effects of learning English through social media in English major student at Chiang Rai Rajabhat University?2.

What are the effects of social media towards English skills proficiency of English Major Students in Chiang Rai Rajabhat University?The purposes of the study The purposes of the study were:1. To investigate the effects of Social Media towards English learning in English major Students at Chiang Rai Rajabhat University.2.

To explore the effects of social media towards English skills proficiency of English major Students in Chiang Rai Rajabhat University.Scope of study1. Target GroupSubjects were 60 students from Western languages program (English major) 20 from first year’s English major (Pure English), 20 from second year’s English major (Pure English), 20 from Third year’s English major (Linguistics), the faculty of humanities, who were studying in Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, in the academic year 2018.2.

ContentThe content of this research, in particular the questionnaire and interviews from was based on Social media in English language teaching and learning (Li, 2017).Definition of Terms1. Social media refer to the network and media which is appeared in the present with the Internet. Social Media be able to create links and relationships between users to others who use this platform. Social Media can take in many forms such as social networks, media and applications. This research is focusing on the applications based on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube only.2.

L2 learning refers to the studying other languages that is not Mother tongue in this research focus on English.3. English as a second language learner (ESL learner) refers to those whose primary language or language of the home which is not English while they study English Language.4. Social communication refers to the way in which Thai students use English language to interact with foreigners in social situation.

Students are English major studying in Chiang Rai Rajabhat University who are volunteers to respond the questionnaire.5. Effects refer to advantage and disadvantage results towards English Learning of English major Students in Chiang Rai Rajabhat University base on Social media.6.

CRRU. refers to Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Chiang Rai, Thailand.