Classical Biography and Plot Golden

Classical Novel ProjectScevonne Wesley-BaileyDowningtown West High SchoolTable of contents Biography and PlotGolden QuotationsPoint of viewCharacterizationTone SettingStyleTheme Biography and PlotProvide a review of the author’s life, body of work, and attitude/concerns. Identify the selected novel, and discuss the writing movement and style the novel falls under.Golden QuotationsSelect one passage or quotation that captures the essence or the true meaning of the novel.

In a well written paragraph, explain exactly HOW this passage is the one perfect quotation from the text. Think of this as one passage that should absolutely be saved if the book were ever lost or destroyed. Point of view Discuss what point of view the author used to write the novelWhy did the author most likely choose the point of view(s) he/she did?What other point of view could have been used? What ramifications would occur?CharacterizationDiscuss the growth of the protagonist as a round character. Using textual support choose a different character trait, quotation, and explanation for EACH of the following ways the protagonist is developed:Character’s action Character’s thoughtsStatement about the protagonistCharacter’s appearance Character’s words Cite textual support from the novel for the following:Discuss a flat or static character that plays a major role in the story. What is this character’s role and why is it significant? Discuss how the author directly and indirectly characterizes a character.

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