Communication the impression of coercion and

Communication and effective interpersonal skills can be employed to reduce the aggressive behaviour from clients (Koprowska, 2013). Choosing the most effective and appropriate mode of communication, taking into consideration the individual and the situation requires professional competence and accountability (Trevithick, 2012). Social workers are required to play roles that engage with clients and families who may be ambivalent or resistant towards those seeking to either safeguard them or help to change their behaviour. Knowledge from the proponents of motivational interviewing indicates that in working with ambivalent service users, confrontation should be avoided by any means. Choice of words, the manner it is communicated and attitude on the part of the practitioner are, therefore, crucial so as not to convey the impression of coercion and authoritarianism since any sign compulsion may increases the propensity for counterargument (Trevithick, 2012).

It appears reasonable to infer that inappropriate mode of communication may not only prove to be counterproductive but may also contribute to aggressive behaviour.

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