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COMPUTERIZED ENROLLMENT SYSTEMToday, technology has made an impact in people’s everyday life. It is vital in our world and makes everything easier for us. Many institutions have a chance to make use of computer technology to perform some operations much easier. Computerization is an example of advancement in technology that tremendously enhances works and process in a particular field, primarily in education.

Nowadays, automated system is commonly used in a company and institutions but in terms of education one of the best example of automated system is Computerized Enrollment System. It is a system made to lessen the manual process of enrollment in a school for it to have an organized and efficient flow of transactions.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYThe aim of this study is to design and develop a system to improve the current manual operation of enrollment in a school that manages student records in any transaction.

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The study is to show the advantages and disadvantages of Computerized Enrollment System. The study also aimed to satisfy the following specific objectives:? To reduce human errors? To minimize the time gathering data and files? To have more accurate reports? To lessen the time and effort exerted by both student and administration? To minimized the loss of recordsSIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe computerized enrollment system is a must have system in a school which gives a well-organized and efficient result of enrollment that will benefits not only the students but also the administration as a whole. The computerized enrollment system design to perform the process of registration, advising, assessments and payments of students as well as scheduling of classes.