Currently, that science on food is

Currently, one of the most controversial topics is that science on food is advantageous or disadvantageous. Some people point out that our lives are beneficial thanks to new technique of science such as a variety of better quality food. However, some other people provides some disadvantages likely food allergy.

In this writing, I would like to analyze the positive and negative effects of science on food. It should be acknowledged that the development of science brings the large number of advantages to our society, especially some successful achievement of science on food. Nowadays, there are many new kinds of food with better quality which are applied genetic engineering techniques. According to some reports, scientists introduced new crop plants which are able to stay strong in the climate change. In cases of an intense weather namely a longer drought or cold winter, crops were easily destroyed. New terms of crop plants are invented as the better solution, they survive in these harsh weathers (BSc, 2012). In addition, crops have been examined in order to improve their important traits which prevent unexpected diseases, eliminate insects and provide higher productivity. Moreover, it may take a few days to delivery foods to customers; so, fruits may be rotten and damaged; therefore, new food is preserved a long – time delivery.

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Overall, new kinds of food have a better quality thanks to food science.On the other hands, there are some negative effects which are caused by food science. Some people blame that they are afraid of using new food because of having a lack of science reports which discuss the negative effects of chemical used in science experiment.

Additionally, food allergy is one of the most popular diseases which is brought about by science. Food allergy is an immune system reaction when people consume food.