Deacon an informed, and sometimes new,

Deacon DamarioRace Website ReviewOne in the Same RACE- Are We So Different? is a traveling and powerful exhibit that proves just how revolutionary exhibits can be to society.

It explores race and racism in the United States through science, history, and lived experiences. RACE discusses sensitive issues with factual information, yet its viewers never feel the sensitivity of the issue. Instead, people are willing to discuss and address these tough topics with an informed, and sometimes new, point of view. I will admit that my expectations for RACE were low. I expected something very dull and educational, maybe a little rough or preachy, but it was nothing like that at all.

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A straightforward, rational tone, combined with a variety of non-authoritative voices often channeled through familiar contexts (the high school cafeteria or the census data, for some examples) made this exhibit engaging and relevant. People get the main idea very clearly: that race is a cultural construct, not a scientific fact. The blending of science, sociology, anthropology and history was successful because of an all-inclusive approach, one that is worth imitating for other subjects. I think the museum world could use more bold and topical projects like RACE.