Disabled He enlisted to the army in

Disabled was written by Wilfred Owen in 1917. Wilfred Edward Salter Owen was born in 18 Mart 1893 in England. He enlisted to the army in WW1 and soon became a leading poet.

Throughout his time he shared the horror and and the truth about war through his poems. ‘Disabled’ is about a disabled soldier who is a victim of the war. In the poem he remembers his youth from the noises, faces, surroundings which results in him comparing his current state to his youth.

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The second poem that I will be exploring is ‘Still I Rise’ written by Maya Angelou and published in 1978. Marguerite Annie Johnson was born in April 1928.She grew up to be a poet and a memoirist. She was also a Civil right activist which can be seen and related throughout the poem.The poem is about a coloured woman who stands up for herself with confidence, embracing who she is against racism.

In both poems, Owen and Angelou present the physical and psychological traumatic effects, one has to endure under an oppressive force, as well as their contrasting responses to such suffering through the use of poetic techniques.