Domino game played with the

Domino is a game played between two to four people.

Domino is 28, flat and rectangular stone game played with the purpose of matching the same number of stones. Domino pieces are divided into parts, with the same number of numbers from 1 to 6 like on the same dice. Empty sections of dominoes represent zero and 28 stone contains all the numbers from 0-0 to 6-6.All stones in Domino are faced down on the table and need to be mixed and each player takes a stone. The player with the highest stone wins the right to start the game. The stones are mixed again and each player selects seven stones.

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The player who has the right to start starts the game by placing the stone with the highest value on his hand or any pair of stones (such as 0-0, 1-1, 2-2) on the table or board.The double stones are placed on the table, usually perpendicular to the table.One of the most important things in domino is stone tracking. Stone tracking is a key tactic in the that game. The total of each number is 7.

If a player tracks the stones carefully then he can lock, manage and win the game easily.