Encountering limited view and wouldn’t have preconceived

Encountering conflict is vital for human development as without it individuals would only see the world in a very limited view and wouldn’t have preconceived ideas challenged. On the other hand, conflict can lead to growth and development because through challenging times that’s when we have our views re-established. In the first episode of the documentary SBS’ First Contact, six participants from across Australia have their perspectives tested in regards to Aboriginal Australians. These opinions range from welfare to Aboriginal identity. Indigenous Australian, Kevin Gilbert’s poem The Tribal Ghost, highlights how non-Aboriginal authority allowed Aboriginal people to have there land taken over and the Indigenous voice to be silenced.

Throughout both texts, the audience can see that preconceived ideas and damaging stereotypes can often leave a minority group feeling powerless. Additionally, the power of white authority shows a high level of ignorance towards the aboriginal people resulting in the voice of Aboriginal people not being heard. Similarly in both texts, individuals describe the Aboriginal people and their past without knowing a whole lot about them. These areas of conflict bring discrepancy towards different minority groups. Conflict can be destructive and damaging to relationships, however if treated properly can result in a positive outcome.

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