England and mineral materials is what

England is a masculine society everyone there is focus driven and everyone contributes towards making the country’s economy grow.

Everyone is success orientated and knows what needs to be done. The country’s economy is at a healthy state, very strong hence masculine.For example England is driven by competition and the urge to always succeed and be the man that always stands out amongst other (men) countries. England’s masculinity is 66%.

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South Africa follows just after England with a masculinity of 63%. SA is driven by improving the state of its country and catching up with other countries that are performing. South Africa is goal orientated and focuses on ensuring that the dreams of the country are reached in the long run as it is still a developing country. Power is not distributed equally in SA, but measures are put in place to remedy that.For example South Africa is very masculine in the primary sector, raw and mineral materials is what it has most to put the country in the competitive advantage.