Ever I did some research on

Ever since I was taught probability in high school, I found it interesting how Mathematics can be applied in our day-to-day life through the use of statistical models to help reduce risks faced by individuals from all walks of life. From stock markets, forecasting weather to playing card games, probability is applied almost everywhere nowadays. As such, I realised it is of utmost importance to gain a good grasp on the topic in making better-informed decisions in life. Interested to know more, I did some research on the subject.

When I discovered Actuarial Science, I knew immediately that it would be the degree I would want to pursue in the future. In hopes of getting to know more about risk and probability, I read a book titled “Against the gods: the remarkable story of risk”. This has provided me with a thorough insight into what risk is all about and how it developed over the years.

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In the book, I have learnt that there will always exist uncertainty in every aspect of life. Mathematicians, however, through the development of risk theory and probability over the years, has been able to quantify the future to a certain extent and understand the risk involved by using patterns from the past to narrow down the range of risk born by individuals. Such an ability to quantify and calculate the probability of the future has intrigued me to want to study the subject. In my A-Levels, I took up subjects that are relevant to my course, Economics, Accounting, Mathematics and Further Mathematics, to equip myself with the knowledge that is applicable to the course. Taking Further Mathematics in A-Level has taught me that there are many distributions for probability such as the Poisson Distribution and the Negative Exponential Distribution, all of which are used in different conditions.

As a profession that requires a strong grasp on the overall economy in the market, taking Economics has covered a wider range of topics that I was not exposed to in high school. Learning the subject has strengthened my understanding of the subject and gave me more in-depth knowledge on how the economy works. Taking accounting has taught me to be analytical and attentive to details in tackling questions which I believe to be an important trait for studying Actuarial Science. Apart from academics, I believe that extracurricular activities are significant for a student as well.

Being in the schoolhouse marching team for two consecutive years has developed my teamwork skills and has taught me the importance of being patience and perseverance in the face of adversity which I believe is a valuable skill when studying and understanding a topic as one cannot give up when conquering a topic. Apart from that, I was also the treasurer for the Interact Club. Given the post, I had to handle the club’s finance efficiently and prepare statements for it. I believe all these traits that I possess would be helpful in conquering the subject. Driven by a burning desire to acquire new knowledge and skills, I am ready to take on the challenge and face the subject which has been known to be extremely difficult.

I believe that I do have the qualities to be a candidate for Actuarial Science and I wish to utilize the knowledge that I will learn in the course and have a fulfilling career as an actuary. The United Kingdom would be the place I want to continue my tertiary education as I have always been intrigued by its diversified culture alongside its architecture. Besides, I wish to get to know the country better and serve it as an eye-opener to gain new experiences and meet new people from different backgrounds.

It would be wonderful if I am given the opportunity to study there.