FAHIMA SULAIT.UNIT: 18TASK 1.P1.I have been asked to produce a presentation which includes the required skills and the role of an event organizer. If the event organizer has the right skills and is aware of their role then the event will be a successful one.

If an event organizer is aware of his or her skills and adapt has the ability to adapt those skills to the preparation of the event then they will be a successful event organizer. Communication and interpersonal skills.In the business domain, the term refers to an employee’s ability to get along with others while getting the job done. Interpersonal skills include everything from communication and listening skills to attitude and deportment. Good interpersonal skills are a prerequisite for many positions in an organization. This will help in keeping relationship between the people and the organizer.Time management skills.

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This skill is required in an event organization in that the event organizer should be able to organize the agenda considering time and so should be able to give all programs thought the day enough time regarding the time allowed for him or her to perform a given event.Problem solving.The event organizer should be able to know how to solve any problem in case it comes out and should be so observant and should set up some ways of solving some heavy problems like a firebreak out, theft, or lack of seats etc. So here the event organizer should consider all that when he or she is setting up an event.

P2.Event organizers are in charge of everything that is going to happen in an event, for example they make sure everything is organized, making sure they are aware of the health and safety, making sure that everything gets completed on time, making sure that everyone is doing the correct task and also doing it correctly. Organizers might have different roles depending on what organization and event they are working for; normally their roles include organizing, setting up a program, preparing and distributing supporting documents, organizational procedures, current legal requirements, and limits of the role.

ORGANISING.Depending on the type of event, the setting up needs to be done on time, the decoration needs to be put up, seats arranged accordingly, hospitality equipment’s put in place and lastly allocations of team members on where they need to be during the event.Setting up a program.The event organizer will need to have a plan for the event, this means they will need to know what exactly is happening during the event, who is going to be doing what and of course making sure that everything is organized correctly however when planning the event organizer will need to plan the way things are going to be done for instant who is going to be selling the food at the event and also making sure everyone is reliable and available for the day.Preparing and distributing supporting documents.

Here the event organizer should be able to schedule his program so well and prepare something paper that will be summarized and sort out well including the name of the program and the time due to take place.so that he or she can be able to distribute them to the people around.Current legal requirements.The event organizer has to also make sure that the leaders in that area are aware of the event and so this implies that he has to also inform the nearest health centers to be able to help in case of some health cases and also has to get clear documents signed by all authorities.Limits of the role.The person that is in the manager is in charge of many important things for example what happens at the event, who will attend, the amount of people that will attend, how much profit are they roughly going to make and so on, without management it is highly unlikely for an event to happen or even be successful furthermore there are many managers who are strict and this is not something positive because it will just make the rest of the workers be scared to speak to them if they have any concern and this will just make the event fail due to lack of communication, so when being a manager it is important to be understandable and also a good listener and make sure that all the members of staff feel comfortable when speaking to you so you are able to sort any problems that might occur.

In conclusion, the event organizer is the key person, he is like a team leader, everyone looks up to him, all depending on him for the vent to be successful and this is why he needs to be very keen on what he is doing things and how is doing them.M1.Legislation: Legislation exist in order to ensure all individuals in the event to meet a minimum standard of care to ensure that their activities do not result in harming anyone within the event or outside the event. If this legal requirement is not made, it could result in legal action being taken against the event organizer hence it is the responsibility of the event organizer to adhere the requirement.

Contracts and agreements: All contracts and agreements must be agreed upon and signed and sealed showing what has been agreed between the organizers and mangers or clients. It is important for agreements to be written and kept as it may occur as a prove in case of some disagreements between the organizers and clients. Contracts and agreements are important as it shows what equipment and hotels have been booked and borrowed so that it prevents any faulty and confusion. This will help the event organizer to be able to asses’ clients’ needs and be able to solve misunderstandings between him and the clients in case it happens.

Health and Safety:Here the event organizer has to take responsibility and meet health and safety organization when planning a business event because health and safety ensures the safety of consumers and the success of the event without health and safety it is unlikely for the event to take in place. It is important in meeting this organization because some consumers may be allergic to a certain foods, in case of any accidents first aids must be installed in every bit of the event building. Likewise if all is not done by the event organizer then it might lead to some losses.Licenses and permission. This organizational requirement must be met at the very start of the planning as it is a crucial part of holding an event and is a key control to licensing the event and getting the permission of actually carrying out the event if this requirement is not met then it could result in a very bad consequence e.

g. all the planning and hard work going to a waste. Getting the permission to certain things such as road us or closure is important when it comes to permission because road close could result in others getting effected and road use may come in law due to some roads not being allowed to use without permission. Hence the event organizer has to first deal on that before planning for the whole event.Supply of goods and services. it is crucial in meeting this legal requirement as its intended to protecting and giving law to both the sellers and buyers instructing and giving orders of what should be implied when borrowing or buying an equipment e.

g. giving instruction of what condition is acceptable for an equipment to be returned if this act is not met then the event can result in losing money for equipment they have borrowed.Conclusion: I have explained the importance of meeting organizational and legal requirements when planning a business event.M2.

In this task I am going to be analyzing the arrangements made by an event organizer to plan a business. I am going to do this by identifying separate factors, saying how they are related and how each one contributes to the topic. In order to do so, I am going to use the cyclical process of management to aid my analysis.The starting point of the cyclical process of management is to establish the context of the event by setting key objectives and aims.The event organizer has to get venue details and ensure it is clean and efficient for the event.

The cyclical process of management lead to the control stage where by at this stage the action plan and management come into place. The action plan consists of the process and procedures that will take place on the day. For example the event organizer plan to arrive there in the morning and begin to prepare for the clients like he is going to have 6 tables because his aim or plan was to divide the clients into six groups. This is a warm up activity, which will allow the clients to have a feel of the event. The cyclical process of management leads to the evaluation stage. At this stage, the event organizer has to work out responsibilities to distribute within the other members and make different organization structures because work is required before hand in order for our event to be a success. The event organizer also takes responsibility to divide the people into three departments, administration, marketing and team planners.

In the administration department, they were given the responsibility to communicate with the school about whether we can hold the event, confirmations and provide them with all the information they needed. They had to speak to sir and communicate with the school about what we intended to do and achieve, set times, get contact details, arrange meeting and inform the rest of the team with what was going on. In the marketing department, individuals had to become familiar with our product for the enterprise, find ways to promote it to our target market and find fun and attracting form of advertising.In the marketing department, they were given responsibility to work out the budget and also design the products that are going to be issued out so as to attract many clients.Then the team planners are responsible for sharing ideas and organizing the event and also to be able to see if there is any plan that is set up that won’t go well so that they can make something better that will give them what they want hence helping them also understand how they could plan for a business.

In conclusion I was able to analyze the arrangements of an event organizer to make a business plan.