First Landing Jump, on page 79

First Landing Jump, on page 79 of the textbook, was crafted by Robert Rauschenberg in 1961. Generally regarded as mixed media, this piece is a unique marriage of painting and sculpture. It stands nearly 7 ½ feet tall by 6 feet wide, with a depth of almost 9 inches. The painting was done with oil paint, using composition board as the support. I would imagine the artist chose composition board because the support need to be durable. The sculpture, a fusion of miscellaneous everyday objects, is also called an assemblage. In this production, the artist chose a tire, a wooden plank, and an electric fixture, among other things.

Rauschenberg dubbed his conception a combine, sparking a new sub category for his hybrid style of art. In the previous chapter, we read about the principles of composition – balance, rhythm, proportion, emphasis, unity – and if I had to write an essay as to how those were applied in this piece, I’m not so sure I could do it. That’s not to say they aren’t there, this is my first art class and I’m certainly not a connoisseur.

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I think the painting on its own is nice, and I like the idea of the combine, but this piece does not appeal to me at all. When I look at it, I’m confused, alI I see is a painting with a mishmash of junk attached to it.