‘Frontline’ to fit ‘Frontline’s’ agenda- provoking public interest.

‘Frontline’ reveals that rather than the truth of the situation, current affairs manipulate the truth to construct a more sensationalistic version of the situation. Marty’s use of visual and verbal subterfuge distorts the truth of the situation to fit ‘Frontline’s’ agenda- provoking public interest. ‘Crouching… Cause it makes it look like I’m in danger.

” Marty’s visual subterfuge by crouching, comments on the shamelessness of ‘Frontline’ in exploiting the truth. Also verbal deception is evident in Mike Moore’s supporting commentary of “Keep safe” and “In the line of fire” as well as Marty’s cautious sounding voice. Marty doesn’t inform the audience that he is actually reporting the story 5 kms away and thus the simple truth of the situation has been subverted to benefit “Frontline’s” ratings.

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