Functionalist religion as a unique element to

Functionalist Emile Durkheim regularly utilized a living being to help clarify the functionalist’s vision of society.

It was as he would see it that every segment of society was significant as far as society’s general wellbeing. With the end goal for society to survive, all segments must cooperate, as every part is as essential as alternate, as they all satisfies distinctive objectives. ‘If religion has given birth to all that is essential in society, it is because the idea of society is the soul of religion’ Functionalists view religion as a unique element to society.

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Functionalists believe religion plays a very critical role in society, by providing general morals that people could follow. They trust that without religion, society wouldn’t function, and it would cause conflict, confusion and disorder within society. Durkheim for example believed that religion provided three functions such as, social control- like the 10 commandments, they provide a set of general guidelines that all members must abide to, so everybody has similar ethics and qualities. Social attachment- which help maintain the social adessive that ensures all members are united, which helps keep society cooperating as one, through their common convictions and, to likewise help maintain compliance and consistence in the control of society. Functionalist additionally considered religion to be a method for dealing with stress, to enable individuals to cope with a loss of a friend or family member or companion, by giving a burial service and support to enable family and companions to lament together and enable them to adapt. By and large functionalists just view religion in a positive light and they neglect the negative influences that religion may .have in the public arena.

One weakness of the functionalist’s point of view is that they don’t understand that religion can cause a considerable measure of contention, for instance struggle with other referred to religions, as convictions may vary.