GENERAL – ups, improving education and health outcomes

GENERAL INFORMATION OF MICROSOFT CORPORATIONOrganisation BackgroundMissionMicrosoft Corporation’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Vision Microsoft Corporation’s visions to become a successful company are their business model is dependent on their customers’ and partners’ success. They are grounded in creating local economic opportunity in every community, helping to unlock the power of technology to address their customers’ most pressing challenges Their platforms and tools enable creativity in all of us as they help drive small-business productivity, large business competitiveness and public-sector efficiency. They are also supporting new start – ups, improving education and health outcomes and empowering people. The purpose of Microsoft Corporation lies in the success of its customers.LogoMicrosoft Corporation has a Logo of a square with four different colors Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.FIGURE 1: LOGO OF MICROSOFT CORPORATIONBusiness StructureFIGURE 2: Divisional Structure of Microsoft CorporationProducts and ServicesBesides the famous Microsoft Softwares like windows, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Devices, such as Xbox, Surface, Apps like skype, Microsoft Edge, Delve and other Microsoft Business, Developer ; IT and more (Microsoft,2018), Microsoft Corporation are trying to improvise their Products and Services fitting in with the technology in this era of globalization.

This includes (Kevin, 2016);To start of the learning tool, Microsoft announced teacher Gaming’s acquisition of the learning game MinecraftEdu and plans to invest in the expanded version of the game, TechCrunch reported on January 2016.Partnership to develop smarthome devices, on January 2016, Microsoft announced a partnership with Samsung to develop smart home devices running on Windows 10, develop interoperability between Windows 10s Cortana and Samsung’s loT- enabled devices and integrate with other Microsoft OS hardware and services developer. Said EVP Terry Myerson.Empowering more developers: Microsoft agreed to acquire Xamarin Inc.

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in February 2016.Leverage the smart cloud: On February 2016, Microsoft acquired the SwiftKey software keyboard company for approximately $250 million, increasing the company’s push to deliver iOS and Android software and services, The Verge reported.Offer prepaid data plans for Windows 10 devices: Microsoft is preparing to launch its own wireless data service to make Windows 10 devices easier to get online.Focus on blockchain technology: Microsoft announced in April 2016 an agreement to supply computing power to a large group of banks working on ambitious new blockchain-related projects, WSJ reported.Competitive AdvantageThe strategy of Microsoft Corporation to be one of the well-known company in the world is by using three types of approach which are (Anon, 2017);”Cloud-first, mobile-first” Intelligent cloud is one of the strong sources of Microsoft’s competitive advantage, and Microsoft’s business strategy focuses heavily on the business cloud segment. The company aims to achieve an annual revenue rate of USD 20 billion in commercial cloud in fiscal year 2018Growing through mergers and acquisitionsMergers and acquisitions are important to increase its capacity, product range and offering value.Focusing on augmented and Virtual Reality(VR)It was noted that “although most of the enhanced and virtual reality players focus on consumer gaming, Microsoft has spent considerable time and effort defining potential business usage cases for HoloLens.

“.Current Status and Successful RecordThe strength of our results in our reporting segments reflects our accelerating innovation as well as our increased customer use and commitment throughout our companies.More than 100 million people commercialize Office 365.Over 27 million customers use Office 365 Home & Personal equipment.More than 53 million Xbox Live members are active.

The LinkedIn network is used by over 500 million members of LinkedIn.Windows 10 is active worldwide on over 500 million devices.Dynamics 365 customers increased year over year by more than 40 percent.Azure calculates annual usage more than doubled.FOUNDER INFORMATION AND LEADERSHIP STYLE2.1 Profile The founder of Microsoft Corporation is Bill Gates in 1975 together with his childhood friend, Paul Allen.Willian Bill H.

Gates (Bill Gates), a technologist, business leader and philanthropist, was born on 28th October 1955. He grew up in Seattle, Washington United States. In 1967, he enrolled in Lakeside School and also used the computer for the first time. He then began programming with his best friend Paul Allen in the computer center in 1968. Three years later in 1973, Bill Gates entered Havard University to continue his studies.

Unfortunately, he dropped out of college to begin Microsoft with his childhood friend Paul Allen in Albuquerque New Mexico in 1975. Bill Gates married his wife Melinda French in 1994 and has 3 children.Their vision to start Microsoft is ‘Computer on each desktop and home’.

With that vision, Microsoft achieved a lot throughout the years. One of them is Microsoft launched Windows 1.0 in 1985 and then launched Windows 95 in 1995.

In 2000 Bill Gates undertake the role of Chief Software Architect as Steve Ballmer took over the role of Microsoft Chief Executive Officer. One year later, the original Xbox is given out. He cast aside his daily job at Microsoft. In 2008, Bill Gates stepped down as chairman and endure on the board and continue serving as Technology Advisor.

While being a Technology Advisor in Microsoft, he established a foundation with his wife called Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the year 200. They also announced released the first round of Gates Millennium Scholars, part of a $ 1 billion effort to support 20,000 young people in the next two decades. In 2002, the foundation has supported the installation of 47,000 computers in 11,000 libraries in all 50 countries. Ninety – five per cent of libraries have Internet access computers, compared to 27 per cent in 1996. Warren Buffett promised the foundation the bulk of his wealth in 2006.

Bill helped establish TerraPower, a company that aims to give the world a more affordable, safe and environmentally friendly form of nuclear energy. Melinda, Warren Buffett and Bill launched the Giving Pledge to dedicate most of their wealth to philanthropy by the wealthiest people of the world in 2010.2.2 Leadership Style of Bill GatesBill Gates uses Visionary and Innovative leadership style. Visionary leaders are effective at leading a team toward achieving a common goal. These leaders promote organized learning, creativity and the development of strong relationships within the team.

Visionary leadership is useful for organisations that are focused on the future and possess an entrepreneurial spirit. While every visionary leader manages differently, many of these leaders share a few common characteristics. Visionary leaders are driven and inspired by what a company can become. They are not bogged down with technical details, but they are big picture people whose intent is to usher in new eras of innovation and development. Leaders who subscribe to this style are tasked with moving the company into a broader direction while promoting unity and tenacity to push through times of uncertainty.The innovation process is commonly seen as organized in two key steps: the generation and conceptualization of ideas (the ” front end “) and the development and launch of ideas (the ” back end” The first stage is full of uncertainty and requires vision and creativity. The second stage requires discipline and efficiency and time is very often essential.

These two steps require serious different types of leadership, but they are polar opposites and complementary to the success of the new undertaking. A front-end leader who does not declare the concrete implications of the necessity of his technology for the viability of the new product will probably have major problems in the implementation phase. A back – end leader who loses sight of the new product’s strategic vision and goals is likely to lead in a market failure. A good innovation leader is characterized by his ability to excel in the talents that seem to conflict.

2.3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Visionary Leadership StyleAdvantages and Disadvantages of Visionary Leadership StyleAdvantages Disadvantages2.4 How Leadership style influences the organisation.MICROSOFT CORPORATION’S CURRENT OPPORTUNITY AND CHALLENGES3.

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