Global causes alone, but in actual

Global warming can be defined as sudden changes in temperature contributing to warmer temperatures or climate change which causes an upsurge in the earth’s surface temperature that has altered different forms of life on earth. World organizations are encouraging people to be more environmentally conscious and to consider the impact of humans on earth. Scientists have been able to trace the changes in temperature and concluded that the warming trend will have a direct impact on all living organisms including humans. Global warming has become a controversial issue with strong opinions surrounding it. After the era of industrial revolution, it is evident that temperature changes have been rapidly occurring showing a measurable warming trend that will seriously impact the earth. However, advocates of industrialization argue that these rapid changes in the weather are caused by natural causes alone, but in actual sense human activity has been the major contributing factor.

Global warming represents a serious threat to the natural systems and human population; therefore, the government should implement more regulations on the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and levels of carbon dioxide. In this study we shall focus on the way forward or the various solutions the government should implement or put in place to regulate some of the major aspects of global warming which include Deforestation, excessive omission of carbon dioxide and burning of fossil fuels.Deforestation Deforestation can be defined as the uncontrolled land clearance through cutting down tree mostly in the tropical forest and has become one of the major contributors to the change in temperature that society is witnessing today. The forests play a major role in maintaining suitable temperatures by acting like a carbon-sink.

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However, over the year’s laws banning the cutting down of trees has been implemented, but this laws nonetheless have no major impacts in that deforestation still continues (Mishra, 60). People will still take the risk because of the economic sense mostly in developing countries and hence the government should not only impose laws but also provide alternative to improve the livelihood of the people i.e. people in developing countries if at all the world nations is collectively going to realize the vision of reducing global warming. A possible implementation to prevent their risk of extinction can be educating people of the negative effects of deforestation. This method can also promote forestry projects. The project for forestry for the storage of carbon has hence been anticipated as a vivacious constituent of the change of climate and moderation policies or approaches (Tubiello et al. 250).

Millions of acres of forests have been taken with catastrophic results including the releasing of innumerable amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere this is done so space can be made for cattle ranching and several other activities. Cattle ranching require lots of space so that cattle can be raised in great amount, while taxing more for beef will have society reconsidering its consumption while helping deforestation. These extra funds can then be used for forestation and campaigns to raise awareness about the environmental impact of meat consumption. Government can also implement new regulations along with monetary incentives to encourage livestock production on more suitable lands. Another factor contributing to deforestation is the desertification of land due to overpopulation and it increasing the need of more houses and roads.

The Government should implement rules or even ban the act of clear cutting trees or reinforce the planting of a new tree for every old tree that is cut.Carbon Dioxide Emission Carbon dioxide is one of the main polluting gas contributing to global warming up. Since the eras of industrial revolution human discovery of machine since then has contributed greatly to global warming through excessive release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide among all other greenhouse gases has been known to cause adverse effects to the atmosphere not only polluting the air but also the environment and its habitat. The chemistry of carbon dioxide and its impacts to global warming has been extensively debated and analyzed over the years (McGlade, Christophe & Paul, 187). There have been several measure that the world nations have taken for example treaties like the Paris agreement which was a voluntary agreement signed in 2016 across 118 countries. This treaty aims at combating global warming in respects to carbon dioxide emission at a global scale. Each country agreed to take measures to regulate global warming through ensuring that they keep their post-industrial global temperature rise below two degree Celsius.

Another counter measure that the governments of different countries have taken particularly in developed countries like the U.S is imposing taxes on carbon emissions and even higher taxes on petroleum products like gasoline so that companies and individuals will share a greater encouragement to decrease pollution and conserve energy (McGlade, Christophe & Paul, 190). There have been a great interdependence between deforestation and carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere. Both rates of carbon emission and deforestation have increased over the years.

A direct decrease in forestation triggers a rise in the prevalence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which has been accelerated by the aspect of increased industrialization and burning of fossil fuels. However the damage has already been done and other quick counter measures need to be put in place to counter the global warming catastrophe caused through carbon dioxide emission (Tubiello 199) For example the United States government has formed an initiative with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in combating global warming in respects to carbon dioxide emission through advocating for the use of alternative energy sources like wind and solar energy that have much less or no impacts at all on the aspect of atmospheric pollution(McGlade, Christophe & Paul, 188). Also the government should encourage and expansive use of renewable energy and change the energy system to more cleaner and energy that depends less on coal and other fossil fuels.

There should also be regulations to limit placement on the amount of carbon polluters are permitted to release.Burning of Fossil Fuels Fossil fuels can be defined as rock-like liquid or gas which upon combustion they produce power. Fossil fuels comprise of natural gases, coal and oil and are used in transportation and electricity sector.

Recent research has shown that fossil fuels are the world’s contributing factor to global warming. Research also shows the irony of fossil fuels from their point of extraction process to the actual use in industries (Houghton, Richard, Alexander ; Nassikas 353). The extraction process of fossil fuels depends hugely on machinery which also uses the product of the same component being mined. These machines in their daily operations emit a lot of greenhouse gases mostly carbon dioxide into the air (Mishra, 57).

Today the manufacture of cars that use products of fossil fuels has increased significantly. A greater population of the human beings in the world use vehicles that use petroleum products to power them. They constitute up to 50% of carbon dioxide and other gas emissions in the atmosphere that are responsible for global warming (Houghton, Richard, Alexander ; Nassikas 356). The government has encouraged technological advancements that have been funded by statutory bodies that aim at helping to reduce carbon dioxide.

For example, the manufacturing of electric cars that use electrical energy instead of gasoline or petroleum products which are known to emit carbon dioxide upon combustion. Also some regulations have been imposed by different governments across the world to use alternative means of transport like in Hong Kong, the government has introduced by-laws that encourage people to use bicycles as a means of transport due to the high levels of emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in that country(Houghton, Richard, Alexander ; Nassikas 359). The governments across the world should also emphasize on alternative energy source like wind and solar energy like mentioned earlier.Global warming has become one of the greatest environmental challenge that most people have ignored over the past 100 years and the situation is getting worse. The small increases in temperature may seem insignificant but they can results to devastating results to the earth’s ecosystem. Measure to control or regulate the high rate of global warming needs to implement as fast as possible. The first measure that should be taken should focus more on the human effects than the natural effects causing global warming. Earth’s temperatures need to be lowered through less burning of fossil fuel and deforestation across the world.

Reduction of global warming start with individual efforts of adhering to rule and regulations that might help reduce the emission of gases into the atmosphere which might be harmful to the environment and which can also affect our live.