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GoogleGoogle is the largest and popular search engine company based in Mountain View, California. It was founded by Sergy Brian and Larry page from their Dorm room while they were graduate students in Stanford University in the Year 1998. Brian and Page who were fascinated by the idea of extracting meaning from the mass of data piling up on the Internet began working on a new search technology. Even though it started small in around 2004 it became one of the most popular search engine receiving around 200 million searches a day. From there it kept on growing and expanded its services to many other fields. Some of the major services include Google vides and YouTube, Gmail, Google earth and maps, android operating systems, social networks and may more. It is not only known for its technological services but also named best company to work for by fortune magazine for its Human resource policies and unique work culture(……britinicca….

). Google’s thirst for Data have helped it to device a calculated plan for everything including formulating its workforce or human resource policies. As per the the report from march 2018 Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc.’s work force is above 85,000. From which 69% is men and 31% women(……….).In short we can say that Google’s growth and prosperity are thanks to its Human resource policies, which can be said from their hiring process, trainings and to employee satisfaction provided globally.

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They have created an organization keeping a main focus on Employee SatisfactionHiring ProcessGoogle’s HRM polices also relies on innovation. It has stopped using outdates hiring practices which are still used in many Organizations. Instead they uses data and algorithms to select most appropriate candidate for the position. Google receives about three million applications per year from which they only hires around 7000 candidates.

What this tech giant is looking for in its employees are character not skillset as skills can be taught but character cannot be. (……successagency.….). Another major role taken into consideration while hiring new recruits are how culturally adaptable they are with Google’s culture.

More compatible a recruit is with the organization culture higher productivity expected by the organization.Not only that the recruitment process in Google is also a tedious and sophisticated process. Since it does not want just to hire a person but the best who can survive the pressure and add value to the organization. Which had led to set apart a huge investment just for the hiring process. To the outside world it may seems like a costly sophisticated process, but for Google it is worth every penny which can be seen from their higher turnover ratio(……cheshnotes..….

).Those who pass the Hiring Stage..For those of who pass these hiring stage and joins the Google family a wonderful and secure life lays ahead. First let’s compare some of Google’s employee friendly offices around the globe.1. Mountain View, California, USA ( Google’s Head Office)Those of the lucky few who got selected to work in Mountain View, California they are in for a treat of their lifetime. It offers one of the best work atmosphere in the world.

They have everything ranging from accommodation to laundry services. Spreading across 1 million square feet wide campus it is worlds one of the biggest campus roughly about the size of two and a half giant stadiums. Which consists of 16 buildings with all the facilities spread across. This camps caters all kind of ethnic foods through its 18 cafes situated around the campus. This service is free for all the employees, yes breakfast, lunch and dinner all.

During summers they even provide free barbeque. Another perk included is that all these food are made from locally produced and organic. Adding to these 18 cafeterias Google offers munchies stations and fancy coffee machines for its employees all over the campus which is few feet’s away from their work stations, to enjoy a small coffee break. So as per Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs all these googlers are receiving their Psychological needs like food and shelter and Safety needs.Well that is not all, for employees who are health conscious and plans to maintain a healthy body. Google campus also have four fully loaded Gym along with personal trainers, all these for free. Also once year during their birthday these employs get a relaxing and mind soothing massage services. They also provide sleeping pods with relaxing music for their employees to take a break and relax.

While all of us are worried about heavy medical expenses, Google employees does not need to worry about heavy doctors’ fees as they have their own doctor’s office to take care of the staff, totally free. These prove that Google also took it one step higher in the Maslow’s Hierarchy by full filling love/ social needs and esteem needs by providing freedom, recognition, belonging, enjoyment, healthcare benefits, and respect.If these employees wish to leave camps and enjoy their free time, free cars are waiting for them, which can be accessed through a simple electronic keys. And these googlers doesn’t even need to worry about laundry like rest of us. All they have to do is just drop off their laundry basket on their way to work and pick it up on their way back. Along with all other recreational activities available around the campus, what else could they want more.

2. Belo Horizonte, BrazilSituated in Belo Horizonte situates in a small city surrounded by nature and wonderful people. It is also a truly international office with people from around the globe working there. Same as Google’s Head office it also have many features available for motivating their employees. One of the main attraction is four hammocks where the googlers can relax. 3. Beijing, ChinaGoogle China office is situated in one of the busiest and fastest city in the world Beijing.

Even though they had to face some issues coping with Chinas censorship policy in the beginning it has come back large. The tech giant is gaining its foot in China. This lead to another global Google office with international facilities.

The meeting are done in a relaxed manner on bean bags, giving a relaxed mind than circled around a table being tensed. Googlers in Beijing office enjoy their break time in one of the 10 micro kitchen with full-fledged equipment’s and enjoy a quick game of ping pong.4. Zurich, SwitzerlandNamed as Google’s extreme international workplace, Zurich is known for keeping its googlers happy.

To engineer that Google consulted with therapists and came up with one of the craziest idea. Yes a lounge filled with aquarium housing various exotic fishes to calm the minds of its hardworking employees. Then the Victorian library for a change of scenery and take a break. If you ever feel like being a fireman, well u are lucky this office has fire pole for moving between the floors. And in a hurry to reach the cafeteria you can just slide in through slides to grab your lunch. Other main perk for these googlers are 100 sleeping pods around the office themed with various situations and sceneries. The employs can choose the best theme accordingly for their relaxation ranging from according to their wish.In short we can say that even though the facilities and perks vary from place to place according to the culture and employees, Google does its best to keep their employees happy and satisfied.

Google strives to make life simpler and easier for its employees. They put their employees first and tries to remove all the barriers that are holding them down and produce a much healthy work force. This can be seen as Google employee’s productivity is much higher than other leading companies. This shows that with all the support and encouragement Google was able to create a healthy workforce with high company morale (……blog.


). Hence we can say that according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs Google employees are at the top with fulfillment of personal potential leading to Self-actualization.