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HATE CRIMES ON ISLAMOPHOBIA ACADEMIC WRITING RITWIK KUMAR BAIRAGI | ENGLISH 103 | MR. HANS KIRKELS SIGNATURE…………………………………………………………………………PAGE 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This research topic contains all the required information about hate crimes on Muslims and its origin because as today in this world being a Muslim is quite hard as it as to be seen in societies like the US and the whole European Union including Britain. Many surveys have concluded the theory on which the Hate Crimes on the Muslims will be rising up in coming years as well. From the Geographic perspective this hate crimes are based on Europe and The US and the author has covered the details on the causes of this hate and why people are indeed ferocious about this whole case. This topic contains stories from families that have suffered such horrific crimes and to stories where a Non-Muslim says “I was called as a Taliban” My topic will give a glance to the reader about how it is to be Muslim in many countries where Muslims aren’t favored at all.

This will give a glance to experience that what a Brown person faces up.PAGE 2 Table of Contents page Topic and Research Question 3 Introduction 3 Background 4 The purpose of studying 4 Scope / Limitation 5 Methodology 6 Analysis 7 Causes of hate Crime 7 Islamophobia is Making it harder for Muslims 12 Banning Sharia Law 18 Airport Checking and Plane Boarding 19 Sikhs the Misunderstood 20 Islamophobia on the Rise 21 Conclusion 23PAGE 3 RESEARCH QUESTION- WHY MUSLIM ARE TARGETED AND HARASSED IN WESTERN SOCIETIES? DO WE HAVE A CURE FOR IT? INTRODUCTION Talking about Islamophobia today is a very bigger thing considered something huge and Islamophobia is considered to be an act of racism in the first world societies, for example, The United States of America and The European Union. These are the places where in recent history due to many historic events such as the event of September 11 attacks where four planes were being hijacked at the time and among them the two planes were crashed into the World Trade Centre. This whole scenario left into a wide scale of racism around the Country and The Muslim population was targeted as a whole. There was various amount of death threats that were being to given families and to other people. Then we had various other events such the War in Iraq where many Americans and same goes for people of Iraq lost their lives in the war which again led to various chaotic situations where Muslims were targeted by various words such as “Go back to your country” “You all are bunch of Goat F***kers”. These were not only happening to Muslims by then but a majority amount of brown men and women especially from West Asia were also a big victim on this Situation. Today what we see from the whole context where Muslims are today stopped at the Airport if they are wearing a Hijab or a Muslim attire because the Majority of the population judge them on a basis of that they are most likely to be terrorists and people have the misconception about the fact that they carry a bomb with them.

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Many Places in The USA many families have been a victim of hate crimes such as the Chapel Shootings where a gun man broke into a house and killed all the family members and this is not the first case that is really seen. There are several cases where these kinds of incidents have happened before. Fear is rising among Muslim people because of wide scale of racism that is spreading in wide scale and even in various political levels such as presidential elections where Presidential Candidates put up ban on Muslims.

PAGE 4 BACKGROUND According to the website https://rac.org/background-hate-crimes it clearly shows that there is high rise in the hate crimes has dramatically increased over the hears and especially after 9/11 and there are other several statistics shows that most likely people who are causing these kinds of acts are mostly white especially considering it from the gender analysis mostly are men who are involved in such racism. Religious hate crimes are considered to be unequal treatment to an individual or group and basically which is based on the people beliefs.

Religion based hates crimes have doubled since 2001-2011 especially in several work places that can be business or just normal corporate or official works. The scenario over here is pretty tough because Muslims are considered to be the 2nd largest community or the religion group that is being mostly discriminated all around the over from the year of (2006-2010). Muslims are even being harassed physically and mentally by public and even in some cases by the government that is typically resulting in serious hate crimes issues. In several aspects the Jews make up less than 1 percentage of the whole population in the entire planet but yet they are quite being harassed in several countries where it is mostly like a tit for tat war is going on for example lets take into this account where Israel and Palestine are fighting over each other so Muslims in Israel face a very hard time resulting in big hate crimes issues and where as on the other side Palestine take the same kind of revenge Jews. On an account we can say these countries that basically have several government restrictions on religions are most likely to have social hostility. We can say social hostilities of several religious discrimination includes armed conflicts resulting is harassment of women over their dress codes and mob violence’s.

In similar cases these even results in extreme terrorism coming up from Radical Islamic groups resulting in more hate crimes to occur. According to Statistics it clearly shows that in The US Muslims makes up 2% of the whole US population but in several perspectives, they indeed make up to 25% of the religious discrimination’s claims. Which gives a bigger picture about how things are going on there for now. PURPOSE OF STUDYING The purpose of studying this more about how Muslims and Brown people have been victims of this whole situation and what are the methods we can prevent it from happening. In this area we will learn about how hate crimes have taken away people from a family leaving the other family members devasted and how presidential elections have been promoting all these kinds of vast cases of incidents in a global scale and creating several kinds of sparks among public whichPAGE 5 means motivation racism among public.

The facts in which what we see that hate crimes have taken up in a massive scale and what are the roots of this kind hate crimes and what psychology lies inside people mind for committing these kinds of acts. There are several solutions how to prevent such horrific acts from happening. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS 1- The areas which this research topic will be showing is taken is an account from the Global perspective and it will focus on a much deeper scale on countries like The United States where there has been enough amount of racism and hate crimes that has been shown on the news and other areas and secondly comes European countries that has indeed fallen victims of Terrorism and came up with laws that prevents women from wearing hijabs. 2- The data were taken down from various reliable sources that goes deep into the study where it talks more about the What is causing these kinds of hate among people. How to prevent these kind of hate crimes.

Effects on hate crimes on people. 3- The most import to choose this topic is about how Brown Skinned people are misjudged as Muslims and how they are being victims of hate crimes and how big this problem is getting day by day on the whole scale perspective 4- The Limitations includes several Mass killings and Shooting incidents. There has been hate attacks on Mosques and Sikh Temple over the years and how innocent young people with potential future has lost their lives on the whole issue. From the given topic the whole cases talk about the effects and the causes about the situation that is happening on a larger scale that we are seeing nowadays and providing valid solutions to prevent this kind of hate crimes to happens. Getting more into the stereotyping and judgmental behavior at the airport where there is enough Muslims who are being taken down for special checkups. Governmental Crimes against Humanity in the whole situation.

It is appropriate to study so that in future the person should know the difference between a Muslim and Sikh/Hindu or Muslim and a Terrorist.PAGE 6 METHODLOGY Since the last semester before I started writing my research proposal I put the whole study down to steps where my first step was to brainstorm the whole topic and from natural and events that happened to me previously. This really very true that there has been widescale range of the crimes that are being going on for a long time and right now it is on a huge rise so that interested me more in taking up the topic. There have been several horrific incidents that occurred in the timeline and That straightaway gave the idea of taking this topic “Hate Crimes related to Islamophobia” Looking into more details I had the supportive idea of taking 10 outstanding sources from the internet.

The sources contributed a lot in bringing a lot of scientific and statistical data with other data that supported Ethos, Pathos and Logos. Then all data that was being gathered was put into several sections. This can give the broader context and information on how Muslim people are being harassed and what is happening to The Muslims who are living overseas. The previous research proposal which basically focused on Hate Crimes that are based on Judgmental and Muslim hate so basically now this time, I am trying to crystal clear image so that is why in my topic “Hate Crimes on Islamophobia”. I started taking information from several sources on the internet and social channels like YouTube which helped me to the analysis of the writing report. The whole initiative started by looking into countries that have the highest amount hate crimes ratios and the information’s was being searched from more than 10 websites that indeed carried variety of information which could cover the whole topic concern as much as it was possible that would really like to work with the implementation of the whole analysis thing.

The main Scopes were Crimes related to hates on Muslims, Shooting and how it affects the whole society as whole. It talks more about what kind of trauma a person goes through when the person is a victim of such hate crimes. I found websites from The US Governmental and Public and other Global areas that were accurate enough to show the statistics about the rising amount of hate crimes in several countries. The whole process was divided into these steps 1- Moderate Hate Crimes (3 Websites) Shootings and Killings (2 Websites) Being a Brown inside the US (1 Website) this covered the whole content there were several areas where surveys were being conducted that is quite considered to be a reliable source. Then all the data was analyzed into facts and then they I had enough information on me to make a whole summary report on this case.

PAGE 7 ANALYSIS 1. Causes of Hate Crimes 1.1 Historic Events Example Figure 1: September 11 attacks This is the worst-case incident that happened on the American soil and to humanity where 4 planes were being hijacked that day which is September 11, 2001 and two of the planes were crash into the world trade center resulting in several loss of lives. According to this source https://www.nationalgeographic.org/thisday/sep11/911/ it is reported that more than 3000 people have died on this incident and after math of such event was even more catastrophic because do the organization responsible for these attacks known as Al Qaeda has been using Allah the Muslim god to promote this incident resulted in a big misunderstanding.

Half of the people were thinking that Muslim are the enemy of The States and this resulted in series of racist attacks on MuslimsPAGE 8 in the US. Many Non-Muslims such as the Sikhs were even a big part of this scenario and it resulted in many losses of lives directly and Indirectly. Governmental Crimes Figure 2- Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp Guantanamo Bay is a detention camp where many Muslims were taken as result of Suspect or accused of being involved in activities of Terrorism.

According to the Source https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2017/07/13/former-guantanamo-prisoner-no-suffering-justifies-terrorism-mustafa-ait-idir-column/468862001/ .

The man clearly claims that he has suffered a lot in the detention camp. “My oldest son first learned I was in Guantanamo when his classmates, having read an article about me online, mocked him about my plight. Another of my sons, born a few months after I was interned, first met me on the telephone. I missed the first six years of his life. As much as anyone, I have earned a right to rage against an American government that acted out of fear and prejudice” This message is very strong because it mostly reflects to suffering that he has been through and he describes how the American society is changing over time and how Guantanamo bay remains a horror story in many people lives. The things that The US government did was the accused wasn’t given a chance to have a proper federal legislative type judgement where it basically requires many court orders and lawyers but they were taken to the detention camp and they were being unethically interrogatedPAGE 9 TERRORISM IN PARIS 2015 Figure 3- After math of 2015 terrorism attack in Paris France has been targeted the most for a lot of terrorism attacks and the most shocking was the attacks that happened in the year of 2015. The death troll was about 130 which is really quite shocking and this was the worst case of terrorism that France have experienced. After this incident there was a bigger scale of Islamophobic views that had to come on the rise.

There were several bans that came up on Muslims including the fact where Muslims were not allowed to take photos with a Hijab or Burkha. There is a still strong sense of hate and judgmental views on Muslims in Paris that can be felt today in Paris. This is happening because of the two coincident that are taking place in the world which is Muslim immigration and Terrorism that creates a huge impact on the society and the cultural areas so people are being misunderstood.PAGE 10 1.2 How Muslims are harassed and how are they effected Figure 4- Aftermath of Chapel Street Shooting and tragedy to Barakhat Family In a lot of cases we can see that young boys in schools and colleges are being harassed because of the media implication towards the Muslim society and the war that the achieved in the foreign soil and most recently the bombing incidents.

So, if you are brown and you are walking down the street in The US there is a high possibility that the person is going to get bullied. The Slogans that will be basically used will be like “Go back to your country” “Osama is Dead” and the most drastic of all measure is getting recognized as a “Terrorist”. There have been many families who are a victim of such hate crimes in the considered modern Society where people are being daily assaulted because of the attire of what they are wearing and how they look. Many Muslim families has lost their dear or beloved ones in this process in the most recent cases we heard about the Chapel shooting in New Carolina which is in the US.

Where there was lovely adorable Muslim Family that was shot to death by a Gun Man leaving the whole neighborhood shocked. They were constantly shot multiple time and they were not given a chance to speak. It was sad to see that the whole young Married couple who had many things to achieve for a lifetime.

PAGE 11 Figure 5 “A 17-year-old Muslim girl identified as Nabra was kidnapped and beaten to death early Sunday morning in Sterling” There was one more story that goes where a girl from El Salvador was about to finish her prayers in the mosque and while she left the mosque she was brutally beaten by a man of Mexican Origin several time until and unless she took her last breath on this case. The most terrifying incident was she was just seventeen years old and who was enjoying the American dreams had to come to such sequences that resulted in her death. The man was arrested and he confessed that “She was staying illegally in The US” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4616570/Muslim-girl-beaten-death-bat-dumped-pond.html Lets all of us presume for a minute that we have a very talented and an adorable Muslim friend who always smile and being loved by everyone but one fine day we see this that person is beaten down to death by aa psychopath who has islamophobia. We know how it will affect the whole social lives and culture of that person friends and families.

PAGE 12 2. Islamophobia is making it difficult for Muslims to Live in Western Societies Figure 6- Hate Slogans spray painted on the building of Islamic Centre Many Muslim are afraid to enter The US by now because as the new and media is projecting a lot about several presidential election where leaders promote to ban several Muslims out of the country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=357;v=6qkXjJGy5-Q from this source below which clearly explains about how a Muslim society in The US in the state of Michigan explains about their thought on their lifestyle being a Muslim. The speakers clearly indicate that being a Muslim is indeed hard when the person is living Inside The US. One of the speakers spoke about that if there is terrorist attack inside The US then please let it not be a Muslim because the person thinks the whole Media and the people will judge it on the whole county basis perspective or in Religion basis perspective. He clearly said this If a white or people of other races conduct this kind of act then the blames falls on the person individually but when Muslims commit these kinds of act then there is considerably a large amount of blaming is put onto the Muslims even to the people who are not related with such incident.

When a Muslim is considered to be praying the people surrounding that person thinks that the person is extremely extreme on this situation and this bring several misunderstandings among people that this person might be a Muslim Terrorist. https://www.youtube.

com/watch?v=Or68ISGdLQMPAGE 13 2.1 ARABIC LANUGAUGE AND ARABIC COMMUNITY FIGURE 7- A picture of an Arabic Society in a Western Country This is seen in various western countries where Arabic people and their people live in societies where they set up their mosques and shops and the language which they use is officially English and Arabic. In the beginning of the 21st Century or we there has been enough events that quite mis leaded the whole western community such as going in war with Iraq and others.

So, on this scenario the media has even projected several kinds of stories where a suicide bomber chants “Allah Akbar” which basically means God is great and meanwhile he blows himself up in the process. This is the first strike that comes into people attention about the bombing situation so when people see Arabic or a person who is communicating in Arabic is mostly considered to be that the people of that type is really violent and extreme and aggressive. This is a bigger issue when today we see mostly people who pray in public people have the sense of fear that is coming upon them on this case and this is very much resulting in problematic situation for public including the Muslim who is being targeted on this case. There are several cases where parents of young kids encourage their kids not get too closer to Muslim people. This is the mindset that lies in people mentality in The US and as well as too other part of this globe, where the whole Muslim population is thought to be as a group of people that is considered to bring problem and violence with chaos to the society.PAGE 14 2.2 Rising Muslim population is Indication of Resistance coming from the major dominant Cultures Figure 8- The Infographics clearly shows the rising Muslim population in The UK There has been several Radical Oppressive forces that are resulting is several Racist Slogans where they clearly indicates that the whole country belongs to them but whereas the Muslims has no right to stay because when they come they bring severe extremism with them. Many people indeed fears about this whole case scenario that one day that their whole country will turn into a dominant Muslim populated country.

This is resulting in a wide scale violence that can been seen on the Media. Figure 9- Demographics of 2050 in EuropePAGE 15 2.3 Muslims in The US having a Good life Figure 10- A Refugee from Syrian Civil War Obtained American Citizenship According to New York Time https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/20/opinion/from-aleppo-to-la.html.

The Story goes like this when a Family of Syrian Refugee made it safe to The United States without illegally crossing the rivers or the water and when the American Officials gave them The Citizenship to Live Inside the US. The Girl is quite happy staying inside The US and she describes that she meets a lot of people of people and friends from other different nationalities such as a person Philippines and other from Korea. She is happy that she is The US and she even talks about the war that broke in her country left many families displaced while there was too much chaos inside the country. She was really suffering a lot in Aleppo which is considered to be the capital of Syria. She has a lot of support from her family and friends nearby mean while she is indeed following serious measures of Muslim laws and thus she said it is hard to be a Muslim in The US but with support and all kind of privileges that she is getting from the people around the supporting families she feels that it is not that hard for her to live here because she has received enough community support and thus her mother is very much of help because she is doing the best she can to motivate her daughter and she is very happy that she is not facing anymore cultural shock in The US. It may seem bad that many Muslims are victims of hate crimes but their people who are coming from several places from the world where it is much worse than the US. They come because they want to seek a better life for themselves.

PAGE 16 2.4 Anti-Muslim Day 3rd of April 2018 Figure 11- The Anti-Muslim Games and Reward system for hurting a Muslims This is story that happened in The UK according to The Daily Show by Trevor Noah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygxKarwg42o He made this humorous but the sad story lies inside the whole context where he invites a British Muslim guy who is East Asian by Origin talks about how this ridiculous and what kind of impacts it has it on people. From the Graphics that we see above where it clearly says 10 points to verbally abuse a Muslim which is quite shocking and this is clearly an indication on which we can see this is seriously motivated by hate on this whole scenario.

250 point for torturing a Muslims using electrocution ad 100 point for beating up a Muslim. The whole community can clearly guess from this incident about what is going to happen so social security in a community can be breached very easily and which will indeed leave to series of hate crimes spreading across the city. There has been more situation where this case has been analyzed where the hate issue has been originated from London which is England but by then the whole Muslim population was seriously scared and had no hope rather than trusting the British Government that quite did a lot of things by then. Islamophobia is on the rise and hate can be felt everywhere and people are seriously afraid of this incident and even incidents like this can be spread in several areas of this world.

This is a bigger concern that we can see and it is heavily increasing over the time to timePAGE 17 2.5 BANNING OF PRAYERS (MUSLIM PRAYING) IN PUBLIC Figure 12- Muslim Public Praying https://www.gatestoneinstitute.

org/2666/germany-muslim-school-prayers The Majority of the world thinks that Muslims are extremist so when it comes to an outsider especially from the western society we see that the first impression that the Western people get towards Muslims is a picture of Terrorist. Recently many European countries have been banning from Muslims praying on the streets or in public because it said that the Muslims who are praying looks like they are trying to implement their culture into the European Land. People concluded to completely abolish the Muslim people praying down in Public and the countries that comes in the first place to do so is France and this process have been supported by various governmental organization who even don’t want the Muslims to stay in France by calling them “illegal immigrants” The Second country who did so is Germany, Germany has serious cultural crisis with Turkish Muslims and right now after the whole Syrian refugee case. The country shows deep and negative impressions on The Muslims nowadays and they have indeed banned Muslims from praying outside and this whole process has been supported by various governmental organizations who even strictly wants the Muslims to be out of Germany. Recently we have seen from the story how a German footballer of TurkishPAGE 18 Origin has been targeted in this case who has been repeatedly called to be an Immigrant because his roots lie with Turkish origin. Just because the footballer is Muslim so people has indeed a misconception about this whole case. The footballer indeed said “I am German when we win, but I am an immigrant when we lose”.

3.Banning Sharia Law Figure 13- Picture Showing Banning Sharia Law There are several countries that have serious rules of not allowing Muslim people to establish laws such as Sharia Law which is considered to be extreme in many cases. The Majority of the Muslim population supports Shariya Law to be a part of the culture of the country where they are staying. The majority of the population has never supported the Sharia law. In mostly several Muslims countries all around the world for example if we are considering Saudi Arabia then we can usually see that they have adapted Shariya law. The negative impacts lie on the theory where extremist militant groups want to establish this kind of harsh law where they will get the full privilege to stone a woman at this point.

According to Several Muslims Shariya Law means “Path to the Watering Hole”. The regional Muslim people have always claimed to this day that they need to adapt Shariya law because it is better than any other governmental laws in country which indeed thus lies to cultural conflicts among various major ethnic groups leaving the whole situation into a big violation and then by after sometime we can see that there is blame game that is supposed to happen again where the two communities keep on crashing with each other. Many European Nations have come to a vital conclusion of banning ShariyaPAGE 19 law because the implementation of public execution has been a thing considering modern humanitarian model. If I want to put my personal opinion on Shariya Law as a person who is living in The US will be obviously no because the governing body in The US is Supreme Court to decide laws and order of the country. That is how in many cases the whole things are looked on. The main and the biggest court implements all these kinds of laws and order.

4.AIRPORT CHECKING AND PLANE BOARDING Figure 14-A Muslim man is taken for search in the Airport https://thinkprogress.org/anti-muslim-profiling-at-airports-goes-beyond-the-tsa-4e4a6265610d/ Since the attack on 9/11 and other various attacks happened on this world which resulted in extreme terrorism and even hijacking resulted in a phobia of Muslims who are there in the airport. In many cases there are various Muslims who are being taken down for special checking separately because it is considered that the person is brown and, in most cases, it is likely that he or she carries a bomb. This thing is largely seen in The United States where TSA agents stops a brown guy or a girl on the Airport and clearly says “Sir would you mind coming with me for some time”.

This kind of incident has happened when my dad was a victim of it when he was travelling to The US for his vacation. In other several cases there are incidents where Muslims were thrown out planes because of the Turbans and Muslims looks and this basically happened to other Non-Muslims as well. The Phobia has taken up to the next level where we can see that people are surely falling a victim of racism on this case and this is going on a very big number.

Muslim from all over the world especially from the middle east zone has been targeted. There have been various incidents where it has beenPAGE 20 proved in several other countries that Muslims are stopped at the airport for various reasons. 5.SIKHS THE MISUNDERSTOODS Figure 15- Former British Prime minister and Sikh Leaders There has always been a misconception that is completely related to Sikhs in many foreign or alien society they are being recognized as Muslims because of the lack of education that the country is failing to educate people regarding major religions. Sikhs are considered to be 5th largest religion on the planet.

They are known for their community works and their services towards humanity and their dedication of “Langar” which basically means “food for everyone” Sikhs really don’t care about what religion that the people are coming from but they are most welcome to have free meals at any place in their temple which is officially known as Gurudwara. That serves free meals to everyone 24 hours 365 days. In the UK there has been several identity crises that has come up for Sikhs where the population over there thinks that Sikhs are Muslims as well and they have been victims of hate crimes in The US and The UK and several other areas of this world. Sikhs have indeed committed a lot to The UK Government and to her Majesty because during the colonial area Sikhs were recognized as the warrior race by The British Officials and that why today we do get so see a lot British Sikhs in the UK. There has been several attacks on the Sikhs on recent history and this continues to go on for today as well because people are quite afraid of Turbans and beard because it is easy for the Whole world to judge the whole community as Muslims because they match the similar description of a Muslim and fit into the whole Stereotype.PAGE 21 6.ISLAMOPHOBIA ON THE RISE Figure 15- FBI record of hate crimes 2001 Incident remains the highest According to FBI records and the graphics which is present above clearly shows how the hate crimes has been over a certain time lapse the highest recorded incident for the biggest time is 2001 because it is very much linked with the September Attacks on the World Trade Centre. The recent amount of hate crimes that has increased was in the year of 2016 which was the year of Presidential Candidate Election.

President Trump has been trying to keep the Muslims out of states and his implications of this Presidential Election where he clearly said that he is going to ban all Muslims from country and he even said sentences like “Islam hates the US” and he came up to bigger picture when he indeed put the ban on Muslims and after that the Public in The US has sparked up once again with the eruption of violence that emerged with this whole thing and the whole world seemed to be up against Islam. According to http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/11/21/anti-muslim-assaults-reach-911-era-levels-fbi-data-show/ “Overall, the FBI reported 257 incidents of anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2015, a 67% increase from the previous year. These incidents included 301 individual crimes, 71% of which were crimes against people, as opposed to property. (Incidents can encompass more than one crime.) By contrast, crimes perpetrated against other religious groups more often involved property offenses, such as vandalism or theft.

For example, 64% of anti-Jewish and 51% of anti-Catholic offenses in 2015 involved vandalism, compared with just 23% of anti-Muslim offenses.”PAGE 22 This clearly indicates that there is a high rise in the Muslim hate crimes in The US and it has been increasing over the last times and it is predicted that will increase a lot in the coming years and thus will be again very much fearful for the Muslim population as a whole. 6.1 Expert Views on Islamophobia “The horrific terrorism in San Bernardino has revived fears of extremist jihadists operating on American soil. But the American public has been dealing with the issue of terrorism in the name of Islam since 9/11. If we weren’t in the middle of a polarized political season with an unprecedented number of GOP candidates competing to get attention, the discourse—and American public perceptions of Islam and Muslims—would not look all that different from the past few years” Americans Most Likely to differentiate or create difference between Muslim people and Muslim religion.

There is very big different view on Islam as compared to Muslims. Due various series of event that have leaded to this whole conclusion. 7. THE CURE The Sources from Trinity University https://new.trinity.edu/news/trinity-present-panel-islamophobia “In an effort to foster understanding of Muslim culture, Trinity University will host a Panel on Islamophobia from 6 to 8 p.m.

Wednesday, April 19 in the Fiesta Room on the University campus. It is free and open to the public. Four speakers, including Trinity professors and community experts on Islam, will share information. The event is sponsored by Trinity’s Department of Philosophy and is co-sponsored by the Parker Chapel and Departments of Religion, Sociology and Anthropology, English, and Communication. Judith Norman, philosophy professor at Trinity, said the panel will bring together four experts to discuss Islamophobia and the political context in which it arises and spreads” So, the University is trying to bring self-awareness panels which can indeed encourage the people about what are differences between the Sikh Religion and Muslims which will basically never create a confusion rather than proper understanding the whole process of how things work in religions.PAGE 23 According to another suitable website http://bridge.georgetown.

edu/islamophobia-the-right-word-for-a-real-problem/ ” An important part of the movements to fight anti-Semitism, racism, and homophobia in this country was the development of terminologies to identify these biases. The stigmatization of Jews, African-Americans, and the LGBTQ community existed long before we had words to describe it, but the formulation of these words — anti-Semitism, racism, and homophobia — and their usage by prominent figures, was a critical step in communicating to the public the serious prejudice and discrimination these groups faced” This basically means believing in the whole community circle and trying to god in the neighborhood. Staying clam in these kinds of situations have been considered to be beneficial as long as education is being implemented on people then only this can be very much beneficial for the whole society. CONCLUSION This is the summary of the whole analysis writing report, I am still a victim of a stereotyping so I did choose this topic of analyzing the whole thing that will give a bigger picture about the whole world and what is happening to the Muslim all around the world.

All the information which are being taken can be an evidence of Trustworthiness covering various and several areas of Islamophobic hate crimes started from the Origin story to it’s cause and effects and how lives being affected to Muslim families those are victims of hate crime. There are many interesting factors that are very much linked directly and indirectly with each other but it will a picture that we can visualize about what Muslims are facing this day even when they are living in The US.PAGE 24 LIST OF ILLUSTRATION The Destruction of the world trade Centre https://www.pinterest.com/pin/230598443395886244/ Pictures+From+September+11+2001 | September 11 World Trade Center http://commonsensewonder.

blogspot.com/2018/01/if-ever-there-was-case-for-off-with.html Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp (January 13,2018) 1.

40pmPAGE 25 Paris After a Terrorist Attack in 2015 http://www.amnesty.eu/en/news/press-releases/eu/human-rights-in-the-eu/human-rights-and-counter-terrorism/france-emergency-measures-must-protect-public-without-trampling-human-rights-0945/#.W8MqWmgza00 Thursday 19th November 2015 https://globalnews.ca/news/1825330/outrage-over-north-carolina-shootings-sparks-muslimlivesmatter-campaign/ February 12 2015PAGE 26 http://www.usafirstinformation.com/muslim-refuses-remove-hijab-airport-gets-harsh-slap-reality/ April 17th 2017 A Muslim refuses to remove Hijab .

https://www.newsweek.com/britains-empire-was-not-benevolent-459704 13th 05, 2016 The Former British Prime Minister visiting The Sikh Temple https://beyondthecusp.wordpress.com/2017/09/16/the-great-american-nakba/ The Statistics of Rising Hate Crimes in The US September 16th 2017PAGE 27 BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.

https://www.nationalgeographic.org/thisday/sep11/911/ National Geographic Editor Caryl-Sue, National Geographic Society Last Updated- DEC 16 2013 2.

https://rac.org/background-hate-crimes Religious Action Centre [email protected] 3. https://www.

usatoday.com/story/opinion/2017/07/13/former-guantanamo-prisoner-no-suffering-justifies-terrorism-mustafa-ait-idir-column/468862001/ . USA TODAY, Written by Mustafa Ait Idir, Published July 13th 2017 4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4616570/Muslim-girl-beaten-death-bat-dumped-pond.html Daily Mail UK BY Valerie Edwards Published 19th June 2017 5.

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