Have of 1812, and it was ultimately decided

Have you ever wondered about the border between Canada and The US?The aim of this report is to inform you about the Canadian-the US border, show why the border was divided that way, what are the benefits and drawbacks of the border, what you should and shouldn’t do when you are crossing the border.

According to thecanadianencyclopedia.ca Canada and the US have one of the world’s unique relationships. Two sovereign states are sharing the world’s longest border. Despite different point of views and beginnings, as well as a history of war, conflict and cultural suspicion, the two countries are a great example of co-operation.To begin with, the agreement wasn’t always smooth, only after several treaties the British and American committees met after the War of 1812, and it was ultimately decided that the boundary line should be a straight one, because it would be easier to survey. They agreed on the 49th parallel in 1818 referring to thecanadianencyclopedia.

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ca. Determining a boundary on a map is simple compared to actually marking it on the land. The border blithely ignores the lay of the land, slicing through rivers, valleys and mountain ranges. Moreover, to cross the border you should know some rules such as always tell the truth, don’t be drunk or drugged when you reach the border. Because it’s much better to tell the truth then lying and getting in trouble afterwards.

According to ezbordercrossing.com many people are arrested by border officers every year because of driving under the influence. Some basic rules that some people tend to forget, for example, you should be buckled up, have right permits and documents and very importantly NEVER bring a stranger across the border.

Because we don’t know about their background, are they crossing the board legally or illegally and others… Of course, the border brings a lot of benefits to both countries but there are also drawbacks to it. International.gc.ca indicates that «Canada is the United States’ largest customer and buys more goods from the United States than China, Japan and the UK combined».

It’s very easy to import and export goods, which helps the economy in both countries. But because of the long border it is very hard to control, which means there are a lot of illegal immigrants who are trying to cross the border, transportation of illegal goods, high rate of unemployment and crime. Obviously, these illegal immigrants don’t have money to buy food and drinks, so the government has to provide them with everything, which leads to a huge economic impact. However, in the past it was much easier to cross the border, so there were more illegal immigrants, now everything is developed and because of the tight control it’s harder to cross the border.

In conclusion, I would recommend that people should know all the rules and think twice before they decide to cross the border illegally.