Health related essential information can

Health related essential information can be disseminated to public through various media like posters, pamphlets, leaflets, visual messages, newspapers, TV, radio, health websites, social media sites, etc. These sources play a major role in creating awareness in public. With the help of tabloid newspapers like Sun, Mirror, etc., TV and internet especially health websites or social media sites, major information can be rapidly spread to mass of people. For instance, information regarding preventive measures from swine flu was rapidly disseminated through newspapers, TV and social media sites when an epidemic of the disease occurred in several parts of world. Thus these techniques of spreading knowledge are very effective but at times, this information may cause panic situations in public by exaggerating the facts and figures and promote fear in people (Scott, 2014). It may be done either to promote website or sell papers but have serious negative impact on people by making them anxious, fearful and create panic situations.

Moral panic situations are created by social networking websites, newspapers, etc which increases the public fear to a particular condition like child abuse, AIDS, etc. greater than the actual objective threat. Thus, it is very essential to help people to overcome this moral panic situation by spreading actual facts, figures and information though alternate sources, creating messages directed to public health, educating them through campaigns, seminars with the help of responsible government agencies, social organizations and NGOs (Bates, 2000).

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