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How does creating diverse groups improve the performance of those groups and consequently the organisation?Numerous studies have been performed to study the effect of diversity on the performance of groups and consequently the organisation. Diversity comes in various forms and though some forms of diversity like age, gender and origin can be easily noted, other forms of diversity which are more innate in nature like our culture and values are difficult to realise. However, organisations now a days stress more on having a diverse workforce to bring in more innovation and creativity. Diversity can be analyzed in terms of demographic variables, i.

e. surface-level diversity (e.g. Jackson & Joshi, 2004; Milliken & Martins, 1996; O’Reilly, Williams, ; Barsade, 1998; Williams ; O’Reilly, 1998), and in terms of cognitive aspects including differences in knowledge, skills, and abilities (deep-level diversity; e.g. Ancona & Caldwell, 1992; Cohen & Levinthal, 1990). In this essay by studying the different aspects of diversity that affect the performance of an organisation, we try to specify the conditions under which diversity leads to more positive outcomes and explain why it does so under these conditions.

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Thereby, we look at the two perspectives on diversity – first, which is focussed on disruptive consequences and second, which is diversity’s potential benefits.Groups: By definition, “groups are two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who have come together to achieve particular objectives”. Groups may be formal or informal. In this essay we discuss mostly formal groups, defined by the organization’s structure, with designated work assignments establishing tasks. The behaviour team members should engage in, in such groups are stipulated by and directed toward organizational goals.