Hybridoma 5. Cloning and propagation 6. Characterization

Hybridoma technology is applied to induce a hybrid cell by fusing beta lymphocytes with myeloma cell. By employing this technology these hybrid cells obtain power to generate antibodies because of beta lymphocyte genetic components and also gain ability to multiply indefinitely resulting from the participation of myeloma cells. Hybrid cells propagate by employing Hybridoma technology that may be cultured in a laboratory or subcultured in a mouse bodily cavity. Monoclonal Antibody are induced from these hybrid cells and this process is referred as Hybridoma technology. The production of MAbs by using Hybridoma technology involves following steps:1. Immunization2.

Cell fusion3. Selection of Hybridomas 4. Screening 5. Cloning and propagation 6. Characterization and storage

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