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I am here with you today to talk, debate and discuss why the legal drinking age should be lowered to 16 from 18.To start with, may I ask a show of hands from all those who know someone who has consumed alcohol when they were underage. I think this proves to us that by the time the average teenager reaches the mature age of 18, they have at least tasted alcohol if not consumed a significant amount of it at parties or other events.

Under 18 year olds often drink alcohol not because of what happens after but mostly because of the thrill that comes with breaking the law, however, if the legal drinking age was reduced, there wouldn’t be so much excitement around it therefore maybe breaking the english tradition of “binge drinking”.There is a good example of this in Italy where the minimum legal drinking age is 16 and where they far fewer problems with underage, illegal and binge drinking than here in Britain.Furthermore, I have a small statistic for you. Did you know that the average 16 year old drinks and average of 12.1 units of alcohol – something that comes to about 4 pints – not per year or per month but every seven days. I hope that we can reduce this not insignificant number, by getting rid of the thrill!Moreover, we have another problem, one that dirties our parks and streets, which is the teenager getting drunk outside, in public places.

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This is solely because they are not allowed to be in places such as pubs or bars. Because they are in these places they are susceptible to multiple risks such as illegal alcohol sales, crime and others. Additionally if they are in a situation where the police need to be called they might be afraid to do so as they may be scared of being prosecuted themselves, whether that’s by the services or being severely punished by their parents. Even leading medical experts such as professor John Ashton agree with this statement, not denying the dangers of alcohol but thinking the solution is to treat teenagers, not that much older than you and me like adults, in hope that they will react responsibly and not rashly.

As well as this, it is crucial for me to remind you that over 96% of teenagers have access to the wide world web. A location where nearly anything can be both bought and sold, even Fake IDs. This allows 16 and 17 year olds to buy alcohol easily and illegally.Also