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I chose to use Riley from the movie Inside Out, as an example of having a psychological disorder. Throughout the movie, she shows sign of depression. Depression can cause change in mood or thoughts and can interfere with daily functions of life. It also involves worthlessness and feelings of sadness (“Depressive Disorders”, n.d.

). After her father accepted a new job, her family made the move from the Midwest to San Francisco (“Inside Out”, n.d.). Riley’s emotions are more than difficult to be controlled after her move, because she is learning how to adapt to her new home as well as her social life. Some of the signs that she shows throughout the movie is isolating herself from activities and trying to hide her emotions.

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She also feels worthless because her parents often did not listen to what she had to say. She did not find pleasure in what is happening around her, because she would feel more comfortable in her hometown. One of the main symptoms that she shows is agitation between her family. She snaps at them and has less communication with them because she is frustrated with herself and has no one to help her with her depression.I believe this character meets the criteria for the diagnosis because the signs that she shows in the movie, is closely related to what is expected out of this disorder.

Depression is portrayed as being sad all the time. However, that should not be the case because there is a difference between sadness and depression. Depression affects the well- being of the person more, because it can have a negative impact on the person’s life.

It is not just being sad for a few hours or even a day. It can last for a long time such as weeks or even months. It could also be difficult for people to get the proper treatment for depression, because it is mistaken as sadness. When disorders like this are not properly taken into consideration, it could cause the person with the disorder to physically harm themselves if they do not get help. It is also believed that people with depression should be able to get out of it and that it will pass away soon.

However, this is not accurate because depression is not something that passes away quickly. It is a disease that can linger for a very long time if it is not treated appropriately. I cannot imagine how it would feel to have a major depressive disorder. It would be hard for me to communicate with my family and friends about what I am feeling. I would keep my feelings to myself and would have no social life.

I would also worry less about my physical appearance or what is happening around me. All I would want to do is lay in my bed and wallow in my own self -pity. I also think it would be miserable to live with this psychological disorder, because it would be hard me to willingly accept help. Especially if people did not believe that I have the disorder and that it is a serious thing. It would be terrible to call silently for help, but never taking the initiative to go receive the help.