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I do believe that Othello is to blame for his own downfall. Being as naive and gullible as he was, made him an easy target for Iago’s manipulative schemes. There even seemed to be a pattern, for every aspect of his life that he allowed Iago to rule, he lost a sense of his true character as well as his support system. Growing up, I was very familiar with that saying, “behind every strong man is a stronger woman”. The moment he really started to lose himself was when he lost Desdemona.

Once she was gone he loses more of himself and became a pushover. Overall, I think his death was ironic. The reason being is because Othello was known for being able to be the persuader. In the case of him and Iago, he managed to not only be persuaded by Iago, but Iago successfully convinced him to become isolated with all other human contacts.

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He made irrational decisions based on his emotions and overly trusting others, which left to his self-inflicted dagger.