I as a part of my university

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Teaching foreign languages from Kazan Federal University a year ago. I have been working as a teacher of English for a year now and I believe that I will benefit from taking the INTESOL Teacher Training course because it offers up-to-date materials and constant guidance from the trainers. I am convinced that a good teacher’s work is never complete, regardless of their experience and prior qualifications, teacher is a life-long learner, there is always something new to learn and share with colleagues and students. Doing numerous internships at local schools as a part of my university program and giving private lessons to both teenagers and adults, I realized that there is nothing more rewarding and inspiring than seeing progress of my students. Being a constant learner myself, I understand all the problems my students face and I do my best to keep them motivated and enthusiastic. On my lessons, I try to explain topics and communicate with students in English only, which can be quite challenging sometimes. I also love making jokes and laughing with students as it helps to break the ice and create a comfortable, supportive and friendly atmosphere in my classroom, which is vital while learning a foreign language. Surprisingly, I have always found it fascinating to check and analyze students’ papers and their work during the classes.

I always give detailed feedback and some advice to students after each lesson to help them improve their language performance. I should say that I have been dreaming of travelling to different countries since I was a child. I am especially interested in working in Turkey because I have had many students from this country I know the language to some extent, so I am familiar with the problems, which Turkish-speakers encounter while learning English.I am convinced that your TESOL course and further international work experience will make a great impact on my future career and life.

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