I healthcare assistant, while communicating with a variety

I make sure to maintain my professional boundaries and know the limitations of my role as a healthcare assistant, while communicating with a variety of different people within my role in outpatients knowing my own competences.I am fully aware of my professional surroundings giving support and guidance to coordinate clinics for the doctors and give information relevant to patients and family members and working in calibration within a team.The core of the communication skills needed that I use within my work setting come down to being able to analyse the situation that I am presented with. For example if the patient and the family do not feel they have been informed on their treatment plan with enough detail when I do their observations, I will actively listen to their concerns that they are communicating to me. Showing understanding and acknowledge their feelings on the matter and would respond with a caring tone of voice and compassionate manor that is needed of each individual situation. I would then communicate the concerns to the doctor on clinic so they are aware before seeing the patient and family members, which provides better communication overall within the clinic setting and promotes everyone ones well being involved.This way of communicating promotes the best interests and demonstrate actively listening, it provides them with them compassion needed for the situation and empowers then to be more involved in their treatment and make an informed decision.