i. started in the 1920s


Introduction • The Fast Food Market started in the 1920s and has been rapidly growing and still evolving now.• Fast food restaurants represents one of the largest segments of the food industry with over 200000 restaurants and $120B in sales in the U.S alone.

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• Fast food restaurants also as known as Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).• The demand of fast food supply is continue increase especially the increase of working populations.• Nowadays, society are busy on their work, they need to have their meals more quickly and easily. So, they prefer fast food because it is efficient, easy, save their time and lower in price.• Fast food are cooked in large quantity at one time and will kept warm in order get ready to sell to customer.• When the customer take order, they can take away their food as fast as they want. • Our company name is Delicious Fast Food.

• We open this business because fast food industry are suitable for the lifestyle in this society.• In order to satisfy Muslim customer’s needs, we have make sure that our foods are in halal so that not breaking their Islam’s rules.• We also provide the vegetarian food to fulfill the vegan customer’s needs.ii. Purpose• This business plan is prepared by Delicious Fast Food.

• We start a new business as a partnership.• Our vision is to be the best fast food service group and develop our company to ASEAN country.• Our mission is to provide the healthy, quality food that according to the local taste to our customer. • Our purpose is to let our customer enjoy the most quality fast food that will not affect their health in a good environment.• Our company provide the delivery service, app online order food, drive thru and free Wi-Fi service to our customer.

• Before we conduct this business plan, we would like to obtain bank support on our business for RM 300,000.? Name of the company: Delicious Fast Food? Address: No. 53, Lorong Machang Bubok 2, Taman Machang Bubok, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.? Location of the company:Physical location ? Product: Burgers, Fries Chicken, Fries, Nuggets, soft drinks, coffee, ice cream ? Type of building: Shop lots? Basic facilities: power supply, Wi-Fi, water, air-conditioner, and our shop is close with bank, supermarket, school, bus stop and others.? Goals and objectives:-Our goals and objectives of this business for short, median and long term is to: Introduction of company organization: • • Manpower plan:• Three person on delivery service.• Two person on purchase department.• Two person on counter.• Five person on kitchen department.

• Two person on cleaner department.• One person on customer service.v. Marketing plan• Marketing plan:• Our business focus on fast food service such as high quality foods, quick order and delivery service.

• Our target market are kids, teen, family, students, budgeted customer and people who work in nearby area.• Our market size is large because our business location is opposite to the IPK College, kindergarten, residential area so our business will become good.• Product• Product is the actual offering by the company to its targeted customers which also includes value added stuff.

• Product may be tangible or intangible. • We provide the non-vegetarian foods, vegetarian foods, drink and snack to satisfy our customer’s needs.• Non-vegetarian food: Fried chicken, nugget and burger.

• Vegetarian food: Vegetarian meat, veggie burger and french fries.• Beverage: Soft drink, coffee, hot drinks, juice and ice drinks.• Snack: ice-cream, fruit salad and sweet corn.• Service: Wi-Fi, delivery service, drive thru and app order food.• Price• Price is a value that is put for a product.• It is a form of exchange between a buyer and a seller.

• Price includes the pricing strategy of the company for its products.• The price of our products and services offered is affordable, competitive and follow the concept of “price-follower” or market price.• We also provide the lower cost strategy compare to our competitor.• Although our cost is lower but we also emphasize on the quality of foods and service provided. Example, fried chicken charge RM2.50 each.• Promotion• Promotion is a set of selling activity which communicate the product, brand or service to persuade future prospects to buy the product.• We give offers to the customers with member card, so when purchase they can collect point and earn more rewards.

• We also provide the student price for student who having the students card. • We provide some promotion food package, voucher and special day offer.• We having promotion for “super Wednesday”, so customer will get the meal for 20% discount on every Wednesday.• Place• Place not only includes the place where the product is placed, all those activities performed by the company to ensure the availability of the product to the targeted customers.• Availability of the product at the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity is crucial in placement decisions.• Our business located opposite to the college, kindergarten, industrial area and residential area.• Next, it also have less competitor in this area, so it would help our business growth.vi.

Operation PlanProcess flow chart: Material requirements:• Sauce• Seasoning• Cooking oil• Burger meat, nugget, chicken• Vegetable• Tableware• Cooking machine• Production Schedule :• Business start on July 2019• Our expected sales from July to December 2019 is 30% but our actual sales is around 50% due to strategy location. After the following six months, our business sales is increased from actual 50% to 75%.vii. Recommendation and ConclusionIn the first year, the business will have a surplus, and the following year the business also will earn more profit. Our company is responsible to increase our productivity to make our performance of business better. We will recruit the more experience worker and give some training for the new worker. We will give some incentive for the worker who diligent in their work. We also will buy some modern machine to increase our productivity.

Next, our business will be more famous and could open branches in Malaysia. To achieve it, we will do more promotion and advertisement to attract the customer. We also will improve our food quality and develop variety food and flavor to maximize customer’s choice and customer’s needs and wants. We will do the market research to know the industry trend and increase the satisfaction of the customer.

We believe it will increase our market share and growth rate in the market. Then, we can achieve our company mission and vision in future.Referencehttps://www.franchisehelp.com/industry-reports/fast-food-industry-analysis-2018-cost-trends/http://www.wikinvest.com/industry/Fast_Food_Restaurants_(QSR)http://ordermatic.com/qsr-industry/