Identify unmotivated and eventually some handling

Identify the components of a positive culture within your own teamGood leadership will promote positive culture from employees; negative culture will dampen the mood and result in more employees calling in sick, feeling unhappy and unmotivated and eventually some handling in their letters of resignation.

With the team I work with, I have identified five components of positive culture within the team that is keeping the team together. Which are; team working, enthusiastic team members, effective communication and effective team leading. The attitude of working together as a team has always been positive, team members standing in to complete assignments for colleagues, and always respecting the views of others and willing to go the extra mile to ensure high quality services are delivered. Members of the team have exhibited a high sense of enthusiasm to their job roles and responsibilities; maintain a high level of integrity and passion for their various job roles within the team. With this, a high level of enthusiasm and a positive culture of competitiveness has emerged within the team.

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The team also has members who are able to communicate effectively their ideas to colleagues and service users in a way that suits the client group our service deals with. The two way communication strategy with an effective feedback system is used by the team which helps to enhance a positive culture with the team. The last component identified is effective leadership that seeks to plan, co-ordinate, encourage and motivate team members to achieve set targets and aspirations of the team. The leadership sets good example by getting involved in carrying out tasks and employing the walk around management style which has proven to be effective for the team.It is important that there is cultural awareness and acceptance within the staff team, as well as a tolerance of difference and diversity. Team culture encompasses the professional values of the team members.

As a new team member you are inducted to understand the team’s culture and values and how you can become a valued member of the team. Working in health and social care staff care for others and they should expect to be cared for at work. A good manager can create a workforce community culture where talented staff are valued and retained.A positive culture within a team promotes a positive outcome for the service users.

Reflection on and in practice allows individuals to consider their performance, this is your own internal supervisor and you can identify your strengths and weaknesses within the team. All team members can support each other to develop their weaknesses and share their strengths. When workers consider their own practice the two most collaborative skills they need to have as a team member are to: Appreciate and understand their own responsibilities within a team Communicate from a service user perspective.

As the leader of a team, I have the responsibility to promote positive culture within the team by having an optimistic attitude that would encourage and enable risks to be taken. This would also allow team members to be innovative and not timid in suggestion ideas. Under my leadership, I would encourage effective communication by being approachable myself to all team members, open to criticisms and suggestions from the team. I would approach issues with confidence, hoping this attitude would translate to all team members in their approach to work. My vision of creating a better work place, a productive team guided by positive work ethics that would inspire others to achieve higher results.In supporting my team to achieve positive culture, I would use the following processes and system;-Regular hangover; during handovers emphasis is put on the needs of the service users as well as seeking the honest and sincere output of performance from staff.-Monthly team meetings; these meeting would be used to remind, plan and review action plans and activities to be executed by the team. At the meetings staff will be encouraged to continue with the good team spirit that exists within the team and to identify from service users any challenges and draw backs that need addressing to ensure a smooth working relationship exist to produce positive outcomes.

-Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines; the organization I work with has policies and procedures that are to be followed by employees, as well as guidelines that would ensure positive outcomes are achieved. I use these system and processes to strengthen the attitude and commitment of team members to achieving the objectives of the organization and the desire, vision and aspirations of our service users.-Supervisions and Appraisals; three monthly supervisions for staff are used to assess, monitor and to set targets for team members to support, develop and maintain positive culture in their duties.Workplace: As a manager it is important for met to maintain a positive culture with my team. For this purpose I am allowing each member of the staff to share their problems, hurdles, barriers with me.

I also give them liberty that they could give their suggestions about improving our practices and performance at work, I ensure that set monthly goals and objectives are being met by members of the staff by doing their role and responsibilities of the monthly tasks I’ve given them. I believe that as a manager, being a role model for the team is vital as a staff learn additional knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour from observing their senior staff. I know for sure and I believe that being a good leader is one who inspires juniors by deeds which contribute in positive culture of teams.