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If I had to remove one the social problems from the list above for the year 2018, I would eliminate the war in Iraq. This problem is not nearly as prevalent as the others mentioned above. The issues that I see mostly are unemployment and lack of money, which kind of go hand in hand, ethical, moral, and religious decline, quality and cost of health care, and environment and pollution. The topic I can relate to the most is the cost of health care.

I was just recently placed on my mother’s health insurance, but before that, those trips to the doctor and medications I needed were killing my pockets. Additionally, if this survey had been taken today, crime and incarceration would definitely make the list. I know that it has been around since forever, but crime and incarceration has grown to become a significant social issue in America because of an increase in unequal opportunities.

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The populations in American prisons continue to increase daily. Most of the inmates are dealers who partake in recreational drug use or selling. Imprisonment of criminals for lengthy sentences has resulted in the three strikes laws which give a mandatory life sentence after being convicted of three felonies.