Illustrator so complex that it is impossible to

Illustrator is a narrow-profile artist. Its purpose is to be inextricably linked with the text, to disclose the content.It can be fiction, scientific, periodicals, etc.

From this will depend on the style of pictures. For example, the children’s book illustration will differ from the illustrations in the textbooks on physics.Live systems are so complex that it is impossible to describe them in detail using words or formulas. Nevertheless, the description is absolutely necessary for understanding the mechanisms of work and the reasons for the breakdown of certain biological structures.

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To solve descriptive tasks, doctors and naturalists have learned from ancient times to make correct sketches and sketches of both our own organism’s structure and surrounding animals and plants that can be of use to us or cause harm. If in the times of the medical and scientific illustration was naive and not accurate, which, incidentally, did not hamper his work being claimed for more than 1300 years, then, beginning with Andreas Vesalius , it began to be formalized as a discipline and an important tool in the training and work of doctors and scientists Illustration as a scientific method received a new impetus to development after the first magnifying devices began to appear, and Hook , Leuvengueck , Malpighi , Grew and other natural scientists began to describe the microcosm and prepared the basis for the emergence of a cellular theory and understanding of the microscopic anatomy of living objects Scientific illustrators represent visually aspects of science, particularly observations of the natural world. The emphasis in scientific illustration is on accuracy and utility, rather than on aesthetics, although scientific illustrators are skilled artists and often known for aesthetic values.Many high-tech enterprises, whether pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, or private clinics, need to inform potential customers, partners or investors about the essence of their development and services.

At the same time, if they come to a wide-profile design studio with an order for the production of presentation materials, a site or animation clips, it is likely that obtaining an adequate result will be very time-consuming and time-consuming. The reason is that a typical designer or illustrator may not have the slightest idea of, for example, how the nanoparticles based on the copolymer D, L-lactide and glycolide are arranged, or whether the fracture of Le Forathe first type of a latticed bone.The main trouble in illustrating science fiction stems from the fact that neither publishers and editors nor the artists themselves seem to have come to the idea that the illustration of science fiction works has its own specific features that require the creation of special cadres of illustrators , that it requires such artists, in addition to general training in their art, as well as specific training.